Lane Kiffin, comedian

Junior is proving to be a funny, funny man.  Check out this joke quote:

“The biggest shock to me is how much negative recruiting there is in this conference,” Kiffin said. “We don’t do that. There are so many great programs, I would think they would want to sell their own teams. I’m shocked at how concerned other programs are with us, being that we’re a new staff and we didn’t have a very successful year last year.”

He’s shocked.  Haw, haw.

That “sell their own teams” comment is great, considering he’s tried to raid almost every coaching staff in the conference to acquire his assistant coaches.


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9 responses to “Lane Kiffin, comedian

  1. KiffyBaby keeps this up, I might actually pull for the Visor when the vOWels play the chickens.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Ready…, Lane…, Fire!


  3. I guess no one told him that UT invented “negative recruiting”.


  4. Man, he is showing how wet he is behind the ears. I imagine Orgeron will get him up to speed and pass along a portfolio of all the dirt he has accumulated on his SEC brethren… especially ‘Bama.

    Still, what else could you possibly say to look more Beaver Cleaver’ish?

    Should be an interesting ’09 for the Vols.



  5. Wolfman

    I wonder what he’ll say when they start to lose games. I’m calling a Mike Gundy-esque tirade before the year is out. Either that or tears like the Great Pumpkin of old.


  6. S.E. Dawg

    He may be very successful with the staff he has put together, but one thing for sure, he better know how big a piece of cheese he’s bitten of coming to the Southeastern conference.


  7. Aligator

    He is a Douchebag and so is his staff …


  8. shadrach

    Mike Hamilton will need a bullet proof bubble by the time Kiffin and this weirdly assembled staff run the Vols into the abyss. Man, the Ceasar/Brutus stories that will come out of Knoxville. Can’t wait.


  9. opsomath

    I am shocked, SHOCKED that there appears to be negative recruiting going on in here!