Notes from the Dawgosphere

I’m sorry to see this announcement at Dawgbone.

Dawgbone is taking an indefinite hiatus from the Internet. We don’t know what the future will be for the site. Thank you all for your interest the last 5 1/2 years.

As a resource/research tool and as a source of traffic to this site, it’ll sorely be missed by me.  I can barely imagine how much work it took to maintain, so it’s not a surprise to see a need for some time out.  Whether it’s a temporary or permanent break, I just want to say thanks.

On the other hand, I’m not sure exactly what to say about some poo flung in David Hale’s direction.  For daring to have an opinion about how Kiffin’s and Richt’s recruiting approaches differ – a well written one, mind you – David drew the following comment from someone named Rabulsi, apparently a Rivals recruiting blogger who got his knickers twisted by it.

… No mention of how the papers are a bit dubious a lot of the time nor how they wallow in bad news. Also I didn’t see one guy from any newspaper out at the camps that I was at Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. Kipp was at a different 7-on-7 camp so we could cover two camps. But I guess watching the recruits work out and compete is not as valid as sitting behind the computer watching Cheers and then saying “Hey, they were wrong about Mudcat. They must be dubious.”

I know. Picky. Very Picky. I know- not even remotely the point of his article. But just the flippant brush-offs get a bit tiresome after a while. And just like any minority, one gets tired of repeated put-downs, especially when the offender doesn’t even realize they are going it.

Might as well have said “You people…”

Never mind that this guy is guilty of painting with the exact broad brush he accuses Hale of wielding – “just like any minority”?  Are you kidding me?

I know we live in a society where victimization has almost been raised to an art form, but damn, that’s just obnoxious.  Congrats, Mr. Nabulsi, for posting the most ridiculous comment in the blogosphere this year.  That it’s by someone writing for Georgia fans makes it even more embarrassing.  Hale treated you with far more respect than that comment merited.


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  1. Batdawg

    Makes me even happier with my decision to kick my Rivals subscription to the curb after five years.

    I’m really uncomfortable with the Dawgvent (and especially the Dawgchat) representing UGA on the internet.


    • Macallanlover

      Interesting Batdawg, I also let my subscription to Dawgvent expire recently. I had not posted there in over a year and a half because I didn’t want to be associated with what that board had become any longer. I continued to try to read daily, but in the past 6-8 months it had gotten difficult to find an intelligent discussion. It is all about negativity and ego now.

      What may have been the best UGA message board on the net has become the biggest embarrassment. Not saying there aren’t a few decent posters, but it took too long to read through the trash and find the well thought out comments. The extremists have run the moderates away. Some posters really have an agenda that has usurped their passion for UGA and now is harmful. Steve really tries hard, but the “Old Guard” has hurt his product. I know many who no longer want to be affiliated. Not saying they aren’t mostly Dawg fans there, but they don’t represent what I know Georgia fans to be.

      Hate to see it happen, it was once a good place for information and conversation. As for the Dawgchat, they never pretended to be knowledgeable football fans, just kids having fun and trying to be clever….a few of them are.


  2. Damn

    Greg Blue will be pissed.

    Thanks for the years Dawgbone man.

    Well deserved hiatus.


  3. Thanks for having my back, Senator. I appreciate it.

    As for Dawgbone, this is truly sad news. This was a great resource for UGA fans and a great asset for us bloggers.


    • Batdawg

      Hale, you were one of the main reasons I ended my relationship with Rivals.

      I realized I could get the same stuff from your blog without the spin, the BS, and the idiot posters.

      Keep it up!


    • kckd

      I’m not sure what you meant David. But I took it as you were saying that the recruiting analysts judge the athletically ability primarily and character issues can stunt their ability to reach that athletic potential. And that kids with character issues probably admire Kiffin’s approach more so than kids without them.

      I told him as much on the DV and he at least admitted that he might have taken it the wrong way.

      As far as the website, I love the guys covering the team over there. Radi may have read it the wrong way as the site has been attacked by newspaper columnists before in round about ways. But I think all of them are good guys. As far as the board goes, there are too many people over there doing nothing more than stirring the pot now. But that happens every time we have a bad game or what’s considered to be a down year.

      We start winning again and they pipe down and don’t post that much.


      • Sorry, but Nabulsi doesn’t deserve to get off the hook for the “minority” comment that easily. Good guys don’t make offensive comments like that – or, if they do, they apologize without qualification.


        • kckd

          We all make comments we wish we hadn’t. He simply overreacted and assumed Hale was saying something he was not. Whether you think he’s getting off free or not, I guess that’s for you to decide.

          That site has definitely had a specific newspaper report stuff ugasports has uncovered first as their own. (not David’s newspaper). They are sensitive, sometimes too much, about newspapers and the articles they print if there is anything that sniffs of being critical of their business.

          He shouldn’t have said it. But it was on a private message board where you have to be a subscriber to post or read. He didn’t write an article on a public website. Lord knows I’m thankful everything I post over there isn’t put out there for everyone to see.


          • But it was on a private message board where you have to be a subscriber to post or read. He didn’t write an article on a public website.

            Well, it’s out there now. And that he hasn’t tried to walk it back and apologize doesn’t do him any credit.


            • kckd

              He may not even know David saw it, posted it on his free blog and responded to it. He may apologize to him yet. It’s only been a day. Geeze.


              • I thought you posted that you informed him he misinterpreted Hale’s piece and that he acknowledged that “he might have taken it the wrong way”. Did I miss something there?


                • kckd

                  He probably assumed the people who read the board were the only ones who were gonna see it. I doubt he knows David has posted on his blog and you’ve called him out here. If I blast you on the DV message board, find out later I misinterpreted your post and tell those on the DV message board that I did. Do I still need to come over here and tell you I’m sorry when as far as I know, you never knew about it?

                  Good grief.


                  • I’m not asking him to come over here and apologize, for Christ’s sake. And for me the issue isn’t that he’s posted something stupid due to a misinterpretation. It’s that his “minority” comment is unbelievably offensive. Offensive enough that he shouldn’t need for someone to point that out to him.

                    If he said it in the heat of the moment, how hard is it to realize that and apologize on the forum where he posted it in the first place? Not hard at all, IMO – unless he believes it to be the truth, of course.


  4. Anonymous

    I will really miss Dawgbone.


  5. John

    I stopped reading rivals when they made the hoops board a premium site after Coach Fox was hired. There was good basketball discussion before then, now it’s just a few random posts a day. It has become as irrelevant as their other free boards and the Dawgvent, as well.

    And I agree with BatDawg, i can get the same news quickly from David Hale without having to see the stupidity of people saying “good morning” and “bake ham for . . .” just to up their post count, whatever a large post count means.


  6. Ken

    I’m relieved, but not surprised, to see that others on this site share my opinion about the current state of Dawgvent.

    After years of just perusing the vent I broke down and subscribed last year. It only took about a week to become sick and embarassed by many of our “fans”.

    PWD, Hale, and the Senator are all I need these days. Keep up the great work, guys.


  7. HamDawg11

    Man, I don’t know what I’m gonna do without my daily dose of Dawgbone! I was always truly amazed at how much information was linked on the site, knowing it took a large amount of effort and time. I really appreciate the hard work and information provided, you will truly be missed. Thanks for your contribution to the Dawg nation for the past 5+ years.


  8. Dawgbone was my favorite website on the net. It was the first thing I read with my morning coffee and one of the last sites I checked before bed.

    I am now sad.



  9. Hobnail_Boot

    I still miss the Grapevine something awful.


  10. Donnie

    “PWD, Hale, and the Senator are all I need these days. Keep up the great work, guys.”

    I agree. And I am pretty sure a lot of other people do as well.


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  12. MacAttack

    Good article

    I gave up my Vent subscription this year. I liked the articles and for the most part the Admin but I got tired of how ANAL they were with other sites and how out-of-control the forums were


  13. dean

    This is truly sad news. It was on the dawgbone that I found this blog as well as the GSB, Dawgsports and others. For that I’m grateful to the dawgbone. It will be missed.


  14. GeodeDawg has been my default homepage since I learned of the site 3 years ago.

    The Greg Blue section has gotten alot of miles.

    I am sure that it was a tremedous amount of work keeping it.

    Thanks for the years of service and enjoy some quieter times.

    I will have a three fingers of bourbon after work in honor.