It’s time to play “Name the Caption(s)”.

Before –

photo courtesy Beau Cabell (The Associated Press)

photo courtesy Beau Cabell (The Associated Press)

And after –

photo courtesy Beau Cabell/The Telegraph

photo courtesy Beau Cabell/The Telegraph

Only Beau knows for sure…



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13 responses to “It’s time to play “Name the Caption(s)”.

  1. Go to hell Tech

    This was likely a pleasant conversation – but Paul Johnson is a slovenly dressed, sloppy looking, arrogant loudmouth whose strategy is easily exposed given ample prep time (LSU). The guy wears his Tech shirt to a business casual event thereby showing his tremendous man-tits and hog jowl.

    Paul enjoyed a GA defense lapse last year, which when combined with the surprise of the triple-option, led to a blue-moon Tech win.

    Having seen this once, Ga’s D will not be unprepared or surprised this year.


  2. Dirkdawggler


    Coach Richt: “I had a salad and a cup of tea. What about you, coach Johnson.”

    Coach Johnson: “I had a bean burrito about this thick….”


    No words, just an escape plan.


  3. kckd

    Paul would’ve not only lost last year, but had the worst loss Tech has had to us since 2003 if we had just played one more quarter of football.

    As many tech and even UGA fans laugh at me and fear him, I’m calling for a butt whooping this year at Joke by Coke field.


  4. Dog in Fla

    Head Coach John Paul Johnson to Richt:

    “And after that score, it was so easy, we audibled and actually told the Georgia defense we were going to run to the left and then scored again!”

    Head Coach Richt to Johnson:

    “That’s only because Willie couldn’t get the defensive alignment right because you were scoring so fast. Don’t you guys ever think about throwing a pass every now and then?”

    Head Coach Bill Curry to Richt and Johnson:

    “I had a losing record at Tech and Alabama hired me. I figure I’ll be at Georgia State for a couple of years, who cares what the record is, and then either Tech will rehire me or Georgia will hire me.”

    Realizing what a downer of a statement that was, all three scattered, each off on their own separate escape route from the paparrazi of Macon.


  5. 81Dog

    CPJ: See, we couldn’t exactly make rings commemorating our stellar bowl performance against LSU, so I decided to go the Jerry Glanville “California Trophy” route. He’s kind of a mentor for mouthy, arrogant self-promoters with a Napoleon type “Little Man Syndrome” problem.

    CMR: I thought your inscription probably should have been “1998. 2008. We’re going for the 3 peat in 2018.” By the way, I loved your work as “Little Enos” in the Smokey and the Bandit series.

    CBC: You know, when the kid in Jerry Maguire says “the human head weighs 8 pounds,” I have to think he never saw that cement block you have, Paul. I’d say that melon isn’t an ounce under 20 pounds, myself. Aren’t Tech’s colors black and gold? I’m pretty sure they were in my day. I’ve seen pictures and stuff.


    Curry, Richt and Johnson go out drinking heavily the night before. They lose track of each other and meet up the following day.

    Johnson: Man I go so drunk last night, I went home and blew chunks.

    Richt: I got so drunk last night I went home and took the Lords Name in Vain.

    Curry: I got so smashed last night I wrapped my car around a tree.

    Johnson: I don’t think you understand….
    Chunks is my dog.



  7. Julie

    Mark Twain is obviously not one of PJ’s favorite authors, as he is not familiar with the phrase “Clothes make the man.” I guess that’s the trade off when you work at a technical school.


    • 81Dog

      Remember, Julie….in the Kingdom of the Blind, the one-eyed man rules.

      Consider the GTU campus the land of the sartorially blind. I’ve seen better dressed high school PE teachers…..while they were at work.

      I bet Hew?tt laughs his Armani clad ass off everytime he sees PJ, who thinks “Armani” is that Giants wideout who’s in trouble for the pistol thing.


  8. Mike In Valdosta

    Paul Johnson: “Are those clip-ons?”


  9. Bill

    Weak attempts boys. I don’t care if CPJ wears jorts and a wife beater. As long as he keeps putting up W’s against your boy.

    My version:

    CMR: I can’t believe you beat us in Athens in your first year. We were ranked #1 preseason and you weren’t even ranked. And did I dream that you rushed for 400 yards on us?

    CPJ: This year we will put 500 yards on you and a 50 spot.

    Curry: Pontificates for an hour about nothing related to football