Maybe he’ll wear a jersey during the hearings.

Senator Orrin “this isn’t just Utah that’s being treated unfairly” Hatch popped up on Washington Times Radio to reiterate his belief that the BCS violates antitrust laws… and to talk about Utah.

“The University of Utah was the only undefeated team last year, and they didn’t have a chance in the world of competing for the national title, and then they get there and defeat one of the teams that was No. 1 for most of the year. They killed them,” Hatch said.

It’s the courage to rise above personal concerns and focus on national issues that makes Hatch the political giant he is.  Or at least thinks he is.


UPDATE: I almost missed this related whine from Utah’s gymnastics coach.

“I find it a bit ironic that the commissioner of the SEC expresses a concern about opportunities for student-athletes to compete for a national championship, yet supports the BCS system which eliminates that opportunity for so many,” said Utah coach Greg Marsden, who has been an advocate of changing the gymnastics championship format for about 10 years.

Man, these guys can milk it, can’t they?


UPDATE #2: And the hits just keep on coming, comrades.



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7 responses to “Maybe he’ll wear a jersey during the hearings.

  1. The Realist

    Thanks, Alabama. You’ve done the nation a great disservice.


  2. NCT

    Yeah, if there’s any program out there that’s had a hard time competing for championships, it’s Utah gymnastics.


    • RedCrake

      Utah started complaining about the format about 10 years ago, which is approximately when they stopped winning championships. Their last was 1995.

      In the last 10 years, Georgia has 6, UCLA-4, and Alabama – 1.

      So this idiot is just as biased as ol’ Orrin. Where were they when Boise State went undefeated? Or when an undefeated Auburn team didn’t make the championship game. I am have less and less respect for the state of Utah as this drags out (not that I had that much to begin with).


  3. Did you hear that toilet flushing?? Yup, that’s your tax dollars folks. For a poor economy the federal government ceases to amaze in its ability to waste money.

    Look, I can appreciate the outrage that your team went undefeated, smoked Alabama, and had no shot at a national title. But is blowing up the system that got you into the Sugar Bowl the right course of action?? Without the current system Utah would have played in the Las Vegas Bowl or maybe the Holiday Bowl. I don’t know what it’s going to take for these non-BCS conferences to realize that the BCS is good for them from a revenue standpoint. If they want to be serious contenders for a national title, convince the Pac 10 to add more teams. When your conference slate consists of UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, and Colorado State you don’t have the strength of schedule argument.


    • Mike In Valdosta

      Personally, I would prefer congress “waste” time on the BCS in lieu of creating new ways to tax us back to Europe, or to ration our healthcare, or control the climate. If they would only focus on the BCS we would save trillions!


  4. Dog in Fla

    Bonneville Salt Flat, Utah, 26 June 2009:

    After voting and determining among themselves that all Mormans don’t have to be nice guys all the time, and then having some sweet ice tea with caffeine as a secret celebration, Glorious Leaders The Deseret Times, Hatch, Shurtleff have co-opted more supporters who are attending the secret battle plan briefing:

    Utah gymnastics coach Marsden who is feeling his oats more than usual and doing cartwheels up and down the salt flats now that the blonde Amazon has resigned as University of Georgia gymnastics coach.

    Also in attendance is Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun who is given task of carrying out B-1 bombing missions and F-16 airstrikes on the Soviet Presidium of college football and Swofford’s house using the salt flats as a takeoff and landing strip between speed time trials for the jet powered monster truck speed trials at the Flats this week.

    Hatch pulls the Air Force football guy aside, asks if he is going to use napalm and tells him to be sure when he attacks the Soviet Presidium to kill Kruschev because Hatch still feels upstaged about the little bit of theatrics when Kruschev pulled off his shoe and banged it on the table at the UN meeting in 1960. Orrin does not forget these things. If anyone is going to be theatrical, it’s the dapper dan ascotted pretty boy Orrin, not anyone else.

    Now that the Mormons have finished, for the time being, queering the deal swiftboat efforts to defeat Prop 8 in California, which would have allowed all things gay in California to marry amongst themselves, they can focus their sights on the next greatest threat to America:

    College Football and Utah not getting its cut of the action from the schools which have earned the money the old fashioned way, be earning it, and then giving it to Utah for being a Joseph Smith, Jr., come lately on the scene.

    In the meantime, The Deseret Times, Hatch and Shurtleff have made the tri-partite unilateral command decision that Utah will join Texas and South Carolina in seceding from the United States.
    They also vote to name Nick Saban as Utah’s Man of the Year.

    South Carolina’s race to keep its record as being first to secede and fire a shot from Fort Sumter onto the Governor’s Mansion at Sullivan’s Island have been momentarily delayed whilst their esteemed dedicated always on the job 24/7 Governor is extricating himself from a little Game, Fish and Wildlife problemo after getting caught at Hartsfield by an enemy correspondent returning from banging an exotic species out of season.

    He first has to do his arithmetic to figure out what he has to pay in child support for four kids and then guesstimate the nature and extent of the range of alimony damage that may he inflicted upon himself for hunting out of season. After he figures out that this is going to be a pretty expensive trophy for him, he can get back to leading succession efforts, refusing bailout money to keep the state afloat and having his vetos overridden.

    The Texas Governor, while admiring that Utah wants to do something stupid along with Texas, cannot figure out why Hatch and Shurtleff demand one-half of all oil and gas revenue generated in Texas as a pre-condition to Utah joining Texas in seceding. The Texas Governor gives the list of Utah’s demands to Rep. Joe Barton who is trying to finish off the Alamo Bowl chairman and asks Joe to review the demands and prep a memo to the Governor on why Utah is communist.

    The Governor puts the Texas Air National Guard on alert, telling them to start practice runs with George W. Bush, as an emeritus squadron leader, to prepare for attacks on Salt Lake City, the Moscow that’s not in Idaho of the West.