Chasing Lou Holtz’ fever dream

You know, my first thought upon reading this was that if that indeed wound up being the pairing in the BCS title game, it might be the first time in my adult life that I’d root for Florida to be Florida in the fullest sense of the word.  Not just win, in other words, but win classy.  A very late touchdown to go up by 35.  Tebow doing the Gator Chomp over a prostrate Jimmy Clausen.  Urban Meyer pointing and staring at Charlie Weis.

(Actually, that’s not true.  My first thought was disbelief at how ESPN continues to allow Lou Holtz to steal money from it by embarrassing himself with comments that would get any other mortal tossed out of the business accompanied by gales of laughter.  But I digress.)

Anyway, I realized that’s a pipe dream.  Notre Dame is Corch Meyers’ dream school on the one hand, so he’s going to keep a tight lid on the emotional side, but on the other hand, a game like that would present an opportunity for Urban to send a message to all the people who have speculated about his future employment.  So in the end, the game would be little more than an efficient, robotic beat down.  What’s the fun in watching that?


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9 responses to “Chasing Lou Holtz’ fever dream

  1. Joe B.

    I drove off the road when hearing this on the radio a couple of weeks ago:,0,1852438.story

    I cannot figure out how the guy is not in a home. It kind of reminds me of that “Steve-O” special on MTV. Guy was clearly schizophrenic, out of his mind, but people would just laugh and say, “that’s just Steve-O.”

    Lou Holtz has clearly lost his mind, but that is just what people have come to expect of him.


  2. Artie

    It could have been worse. . . .He could of picked Notre Dame to play South Carolina.


  3. Umich

    Sorry, but if it really was ND vs. Florida there’s still no way I’d root for Florida. I’d love to see ND destroy them. My 2 cents.


  4. Jax Dawg

    If any man that calleth himself a Dawg would ever make a conscience decision to pull for Florida, then that man is not a Dawg. He would be nothing more than a maggot chewing on an oozing pimple on the backside of a dead dog’s ass.

    NO Georgia fan should EVER pull for Florida.


    Final Score if it were up to me.
    Satan – 1,000,000
    FL – (1,000,000)


  5. Jax Dawg

    Sorry guys, conscious. Passionate topic + fast typing = mistakes.

    But yes – that is how any real Dawg should feel when it comes to Florida. Much like how Iran would have felt about Iraq during their long war.

    Pure hatred.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    If Florida’s playing the Taliban, I’m riding a camel to the game.


    • Coastal Dawg

      Yes sir Hobnail. Yes indeed. I’m riding my camel, smoaking my hooka, and drinking strong arab bourbon – all the while wearing my red and black turban.


  7. Thank you to everyone on this post regarding whether a Dawg fan should ever root for Florida. I got ripped by Florida fans at work when I explained that I was rooting for Oklahoma to wallop them by 40 points.

    Their response “Don’t blame us then when Georgia goes undefeated and doesn’t get into the title game because the SEC is perceived as weak.”

    I humbly explained that the potential repercussions to a future undefeated Georgia team were the least of my concerns if only to see the Jesus Child cry again.