Nice gig if you can get it.

I would have expected to read something like this on April 1st, because it sounds like a practical joke, but the Marietta Daily Journal dateline is August 25th.

“Rumors have been swirling in recent weeks over the Board of Regents and what is said to be a plan for some bold moves just before Gov. Sonny Perdue leaves office. As the storyline goes, Perdue — who is joined at the hip with UGA President Michael Adams — would consider being named by the Board of Regents as president of the University of Georgia at the end of his term. In exchange for the creation of an open seat via the resignation of Adams, Adams would then be in strong consideration to become the system’s new chancellor. Sound crazy? Well … so did borrowing $21 million in the middle of a world financial meltdown. But Perdue pulled that one off didn’t he?

“But wouldn’t the new governor decide those matters? Not if the constitution means anything. Of all the board’s current members, only one has a term that ends in 2010. In fact, most of the members have terms that last well into the next governor’s first term in office. If they are willing to risk not being reappointed by the next governor, they could pull off an Adams-Perdue move with very little difficulty…

Admit it.  You thought it couldn’t get any worse.

I wonder what Sonny’s position on playoffs is.



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16 responses to “Nice gig if you can get it.

  1. D.N. Nation

    Sonny Perdue is a decent enough steward, which means when faced with actual big issues, he’d rather press the flesh up on Milledge Ave. or go fishing.


  2. bunch

    SP is actually a pretty smart fellow, but his hayseed demeanor and complete lack of qualifications for the job would make him a poor UGA Prez. It’s hard enough to have a megalomaniac like Don Leebern so visible with the Uiniversity. Hopefully this is just idle gossip.


  3. shadrach

    Perdue is smart in the Pat Dye mold. He freaking won his first term on the lie, sorry, misunderstanding that the Battle flag might be put back in use. He’s slick as a baby’s ass. Harold Melton, now on the GSC, helped him maneuver around real ethics problems in the past. Lo, old Harold winds up on GSC. Typical, shady, Talmadge style Georgia politics, regardless of party affiliation. I wouldn’t put this past Adams and Perdue for one minute. These two separate their shoulders patting themselves on the back.


  4. He’ll stop at nothing to get that letter jacket.


  5. Perdue is a master of doing nothing. If that’s what you want in a University president, congrats. It might be an improvement on the current stooge, but we deserve better.


  6. georgiadawg85

    Nobody could be as big a douche as Michael Adams.


  7. You have no idea how bad this would be for UGA. This would be the one two punch of epic fail with perdue and adams at the top of the UGA food chain. And I voted for him. Twice.


  8. I am one of the few people around here who likes Michael Adams and thinks that he has done a great job for UGA overall.

    But Sonny Perdue……. he’s a mess.


  9. The Realist

    1) JTFC. Sometimes, I wish I could get a lobotomy after reading the stupid *&$% our wonderful state government comes up with.

    2) Sonny Perdue = William Tecumseh Sherman. He’s blazing a trail through the entire state, leaving nothing in his wake but senseless destruction and generational enemies.

    Other than that, he’s perfect for the job.


  10. 81Dog

    It could be worse. They could be talking about making Glenn Richardson the President of UGA. That guy makes Sonny Purdue look like Winston Churchill as a statesman. If you took the Michael Scott character from “The Office,” then subtracted his immense personal magnetism, his keen and penetrating mind, and his rugged good looks, you’d have ol’ Glenn.

    Sometimes, you really have to dig deep to find a silver lining.


  11. Ben in Georgia

    Holy mother of crap, this better be pure speculation that never comes to fruition. I’d rather have Adams any day of the week. At least he’s somewhat qualified for the position.

    I agree with Muckbeast, for the most part. Adams hasn’t been terrible for the University. He’s gotten a lot done. I know everybody wants to point at running Vince Dooley out of town, which, yeah, was really douchey. But, I’m happy with the overall state of the University right now.


  12. silverbritches34

    Adams has his eye on Miles Brand’s position w/ the NCAA, and after 11 years of Adams, the faculty wouldn’t stand for a chicken farmer coming in esp. w/ back room dealings like this.

    What a terrible, terrible idea.


    • anon

      yeah because the faculty really have a say in what goes on in higher university politics… oh, wait.

      nobody at uga administration gives a shit about what the faculty thinks.


  13. ugagrad98

    Sonny Perdue is an embarassment to the state. Please don’t make a mockery of UGA.