Friday morning buffet

Fresh, hot and tasty:



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9 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. The Realist

    Notre Dame in the title game = epic FAIL. If this happened, the BCS would lose the last shred of an ounce of a thought of credibility it had.


  2. How do you beat Florida?

    you beat their asses. you beat them to a bloody pulp. you hit them and break their jaws. you rip the f*cking throats out. you shit on their faces.

    you hit them over and over and over again until they die.

    that’s how you beat Florida.


  3. D.N. Nation

    Q: How did Auburn beat Florida in 2007?
    A: Same way LSU, Georgia, and Michigan beat them. By being better than them. Florida was 5th in the conference for a reason.


  4. Pumpdawg

    Happy A.J. Green Day!
    Great video over at The Stuff of Legend.


  5. to be fair to beano, he made his “nd in the title game” bed quite a while ago, and he’s just now settling down for a snooze. and their schedule’s terrible. he’s not blindly rooting for them to get there like lou. he and maisel seem to just throw some shit out there for the sake of conversation. success.


  6. mitch

    If you thought Corp was not hurt then you are seriously blinded by ESPN garbage. He broke his leg at the joint. That is bad from day one regardless of what anyone says.


  7. JasonC

    Beano is a douche. I stopped listening to that ND homer when he predicted Ron Powlus (sp?) would win 2 Heismans and 7 MNCs at ND… before he stepped on campus.


  8. I can only imagine the self righteous, smug smirk on Weiss’ face if he manages to win more than 6 this year. If so, I dearly hope somebody asks the question, “But how many horses did you have to kill to get here?” Or camels, or elephants, or hippopotmi. Pick your own version.


  9. Rex

    I liked the “Read This” article about Adam Van Brimmer’s ballot. Thanks. Sounds like voters don’t know what the purpose of the preseaon poll is and the people who run it aren’t telling.