There must be some way out of here…

This post has nothing to do with football (unless you get lost frequently traveling to games).  I just wanted to alert you to a story that I find truly surreal.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    In continuing with the fine tradition of unintelligible speakers, while using Bob Dylan for it voice of North America, GPS is rumored to have preliminary plans to sign Lou Holtz as the GPS voice for those traveling in Germany primarily because of Lou’s expertise in German history, it’s application for comparative purposes and because the surname Holtz does sound somewhat German and they have special plans to intro and market him as Granny of the Bavarian Hillbillies during Ocktoberfest in Munich.

    The key to the deal is that in Lou’s absence, ESPN will need to rent his sculpture from Gate D of Touchdown Jesus U. Stadium to stand in at ESPN Sports Center so Lou’s repartee with Mark May will not be missed by the one hundred or so regular viewers of the Lou and Mark Show. Lou has been trying to make this deal work by not running as a Republican for the Haus from his haus in Orlando, Florida and by picking the Domers to get waxed in the BCS Championship Game by Florida. However, rumor is that Charles Weiss has complicated the deal by holding out for two banana cream pies for each day the statute is away from Gate D in sunny South Bend. Weiss, rumored to be an overt agent for NBC, is said to be stocking up on food for the winter just in case he gets laid off with 10 years remaining on his contract in the highly unlikely event his Fightin’ Domers do not make it to the BCS Championship Game and has told GPS to rent the statute of Bobby Bowden instead.


  2. I feel sorry for someone who cannot read a map. And, after all these years, I have yet to understand one word Bob Dylan has uttered.


  3. Dawg N Suds

    Get Munson’s voice on one of those things and it will sell.


  4. Dawg N Suds has the right idea.

    I can hear it now “You’re running late and gonna try to drive 100,000 miles…THERE’S JUST NO TIME!!! But do you realize you’re still in this thing?!?”

    upon arriving at destination.
    “You made it after all, I gave up, you did too.”