Getting into the nitty gritty of OSU

If you’re looking for some detailed, detached analysis of what Oklahoma State brings to the table this season, brother, the Intertubes have your back.

Start with these two posts at the excellent Missouri blog Rock M Nation:

What I get from those is (1) it’s a shame that Georgia’s not playing the Cowboy offense next year, when all of their studs are gone; (2) OSU had a much worse pass rushing defense than Georgia did last year; (3) there may be conditioning issues on the defensive side of the ball that Bill Young needs to shore up.

Burnt Orange Nation takes a look at the OSU defensive line in this post.  For all the focus in Stillwater on upgrading the pass rush, there’s something else a defensive line has to be able to do well – stop the run.  That bunch looks a little small, at least in comparison with what Georgia sees in the SEC in many games.  It’ll be interesting to see how those guys hold up to four quarters of pounding by a big offensive line and a big back like Samuel.



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3 responses to “Getting into the nitty gritty of OSU

  1. Samuel the Slobberknocker

    Samuel is going to literally wear their asses out as the game goes on. As old man river did when he graced the gridiron, RS will only grow stronger from here boys.

    Caleb – I’m not so sure…….


  2. Egatch

    I’m not scared of that offense of theirs. The only way we get an “L” in Stillwater is if we play sloppy football with bad defense, penalties, turnovers, etc…

    But after last year, I think (I hope) we’ve had enough of that…

    I’ll personally watch Sir Richard smash some pokie face all game.


  3. DirkDawggler

    The thing is this: For the first time in the Richt era we will not only have experience across the board, but depth as well on the offensive line. If the weather is a factor, we should be able to substitute freely. It’s almost like using a standardized weapons system. Need a breather at guard? Replace him with the backup center…Right tackle a little winded? Flip flop with another interchangable ________________ (insert players name here).

    And don’t forget about our fullback. If we don’t play sloppy and commit to the run to set up the pass, we will roll.