Beano goes there.

If you check around the 13:40 mark on ESPNU’s College Football podcast from August 26, you’ll be treated to Beano Cook’s reasoning as to why Mark Richt will be on the hot seat after this season.

To his credit, Maisel knocks that down with one quick point, but still…



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8 responses to “Beano goes there.

  1. Frank M. Davis, Jr.

    I’m so damn-hairy-dawg tired of the “Mark can’t do it” mentality. Sick of it.


  2. Brandon

    This comes from the guy who said: “Ron Paulus will win at least 3 Heisman trophies, if I were Richt I’d be feeling pretty safe (he was safe anyway of course, though Willy Mo must go)


  3. Wolfman

    It was refreshing to hear idiocy from Beano without having to watch his chin have a life of its own.


  4. Chris

    How long has Beano Cook been dead?? I swear the WWL props his body up and the pixar wing of the Disney family re-animates him……


  5. NCT

    I was disappointed to hear this from Beano. Even so, the Maisel-Beano combination is some of the best college football-related entertainment available. I never miss an episode. Beano’s infatuation with ND is forgivable in light of (and, I might add, entirely consistent with) his role as Ambassador of College Football Past. My brother has noted (and I agree wholeheartedly) that Maisel might be the only ESPN figure that could handle Beano appropriately. He sets the table for Beano’s reminiscences while maintaining a gentle rein to keep the rambles from getting out of control. I’m not sure ESPN produces a better non-live-game product than that pair’s weekly turn on the interwebs.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      Cowherd also has really good rapport w/ Beano.


    • Ben Rockwell

      Agreed. I love listening to the two of them. However, when Beano said this stuff about Richt, I thought, “Beano, you’re unbelievable!” I grew to loathe Beano in the 90s, but his work with Maisel is indeed some of the best product that ESPN puts out.


  6. i think it falls under the same category of assertions as predicting florida-nd in the bcsncg. play devil’s advocate, then see what you can come up with in your defense.