More from the That-was-then, this-is-now Chronicles.

A question popped into my head while I was getting ready to go to work this morning.

Let’s say that Georgia pulls off an 11-1 regular season, losing to a credible 10-2 LSU, but beating the 11-1 Gators in a close game.

That puts the Dawgs in the SECCG.  Let’s say they go there and lose to a ‘Bama team that finishes 11-2 with the win there.

Finally, let’s stipulate that no D-1 school finishes undefeated.

My question is this:  how straight faced will Herbstreit be when he argues that Florida should play in the BCS title game despite not winning its conference?


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8 responses to “More from the That-was-then, this-is-now Chronicles.

  1. Castleberry

    I’m thinking the same outcome in the Big 12. The Herbie will call for The OSU vs. USC rematch.


  2. Ty Durden

    Considering the BJ he’d be getting from Jesus, Jr., not straight faced at all


  3. RedCrake

    Herbstreit has already demonstrated that he has no problem changing his philosophy to suit his purposes…my guess is he’ll say its different because Florida only lost one game (if that scenario were to play out).

    That’s the problem with ESPN/the national media. From year to year the basic theme is “This is different because…”.

    What they really mean is “This is different because it’s USC/Ohio State/Florida/whoever we’ve decided before-hand best fits our narrative”.

    Just think what would happen if USC goes 12-0, Notre Dame goes 11-1, and Ole Miss goes 11-1.
    I hate to say, I think we’d see a USC/Notre Dame MNC even if the Trojans wax the Leprechauns in their regular season game.


  4. On the Bright Side

    I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. As such, does anyone entertain the possibility that after proving to be absolutely, 100% in the wrong about Michigan in 2006, Herbie modified his thinking in 2007? Better to rethink flawed logic than to make the same mistake for the sake of consistency in my opinion.

    For what it’s worth, as a Gator fan, I don’t think they’d deserve a shot in that scenario.


    • RedCrake

      I might agree, except that we all know Herbie went to Ohio State. And as we also know, Big 10 graduates are unable to grasp concepts such as logic.

      They are also born without souls.


  5. D.N. Nation


    USC goes undefeated
    Oklahoma goes undefeated
    Florida plays Charleston Southern, FIU, and Troy. And goes undefeated.



  6. Wolfman

    I think that the BCS has been bought by ABC/ESPN will make a big difference. The people who write Herbie’s paycheck will make sure he keeps a straight face at the risk of losing millions of dollars of exposure in a MNC without St. Tebow. That is unless some other sob story happens in the world of college football about which ESPN can produce multiple episodes of Outside the Lines AND have them play in the MNC, thereby increasing interest and revenue.

    You can’t tell me with a straight face ESPN isn’t above doing that.


  7. Herbstreit wouldn’t even crack a smile. The same as Mark May.