Wednesday morning buffet

It’s hump day, so grab a plate.

  • “Evans, linebacker Rennie Curran and defensive lineman Geno Atkins each required an IV last Saturday, with Evans admitting he cramped on Dez Bryant’s 46-yard touchdown reception.”
  • You’re there for a reason wherever you are.” To date, the reason hasn’t been to win the SEC East.
  • Terrell Pryor’s decision to honor Michael Vick is certainly his business, but listening to some 19-year old kid who’s been fawned over for at least the last five years of his existence pontificate about human nature is something I can do without.  Just shut up and play, son.
  • Please tell me Dennis Dodd is kidding about this.  Please.
  • Oklahoma State turned down $8.5 million from Jerry Jones to move the Georgia game to Arlington.
  • “Spurrier pointed out Tuesday the most either team has scored since he arrived is 18 points.” Don’t look for that number to be cracked Saturday.
  • Nick Saban could tell you what he calls Alabama’s Wildcat formation, but then he’d have to kill you.  Which means he really doesn’t have time for that shit.


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15 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. dean

    I’m not looking for the combined score to be over 18 points. I hope Drew Butler is resting his leg.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    with Evans admitting he cramped on Dez Bryant’s 46-yard touchdown reception.”
    What he failed to mention was it was a brain cramp.


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Dawgs – 7
    Chickens – 6

    Dawgs 225 YTO
    Chickens 185 YTO

    Each team with 3 turnovers
    Dawgs drop 4 interceptions
    Fabris continues to want the ball kicked to the 10 yard line on kickoffs

    Sound about right?


  4. NebraskaDawg

    There’s still hope. The entire SEC could come down with swine flu and we play everyone elses third stringers.


    • Doc

      Yeah, I know. We have got to be the worst team ever in the history of the SEC….no make that college football. CMR is just a horrible coach, everyone knows he was stealing plays from Jeff Bowden (the real offensive genius) while he was at FSU. I personally think we will be lucky to win another game for two more years. We can’t throw any balls or catch any balls. Forget about running, we just suck. Oh don’t even make me start on the defense.
      I don’t mind defending UGA to the fans of other schools but to have defend them from other UGA fans, please?


      • Bulldog Bry

        Amen, Doc. I expected a meltdown this week, but what’s going on is ridiculous. I, for one, don’t blame Cox for his comments. We analyze the coach/players quotes more than we do the President’s.

        Personally, I just think this past Saturday was the perfect storm.


      • Hackerdog

        Nice hyperbole. Mind if I try?

        I agree with Doc that we looked awesome on Saturday. Our OL completely dominated the line of scrimmage. It took 3 or 4 people to bring Samuel down. It was great seeing all our young receivers in the game and making plays. Our superior conditioning program was obvious. Bobo’s inventiveness at getting Green the ball in space was pure genius. The fact that we got so much pressure on Robinson all game long was a thing of beauty.

        If we continue to play like that, I see BCS championship in our future.


        • Hackerdog

          Sorry, I forgot to laud our special teams strategy. Overall, I would say it was praiseworthy, but Walsh failed to kick any balls out of bounds. He’ll have to work on that before South Carolina.

          Fabris wants those kickoffs being handled by Spurrier.


        • Doc

          Exactly! Thank you for proving my point.


  5. Fitzdawg

    Doesn’t it work to our advantage in a low scoring game that they don’t seem to have anyone who can kick a field goal?


  6. Left to Right

    The first comment on Dodd’s blog is priceless.


  7. D.N. Nation

    Holding OSU/UGA in JerryWorld would have been awesome. Imagine our kicking game and that low-hanging scoreboard.


  8. Dog in Fla

    Heart of Dixie news:

    While multi-tasking on the Alabama Wildcat and the usual ream out of the media, Jimmy and Nick renegotiate Nick’s contract so that State of Alabama is the indentured servant to Nick rather than the designated ‘it’s your time in the barrel’ assistant coach:

    “Nick Saban’s new contract worth more than $40 million over nine years….
    Per the contract, if Saban makes less than the “total guaranteed annual compensation” of three highest-paid SEC football coaches or less than that of the average of the five highest-paid coaches NCAA football coaches, “UA agrees to increase employee’s total guaranteed annual compensation to the higher of the two averages.”

    [Mathematics Department Head at Auburn University is the neutral designee to perform and have the final word on the algebra calculations subject, of course, to the the usual review and approval of Nick and Jimmy. Kudos to Jimmy for throwing an are you smarter than a fifth grader PSAT question into the renegotiated contract.]

    Saban announced the agreement earlier this preseason, saying that, “Our acceptance of the extension expresses our commitment to the University of Alabama for the rest of our coaching career.”

    Or at least for as long as the paychecks keep coming.

    In other related statewide news, the State of Alabama will start renovating the abandoned Governor’s Mansion on Fort Morgan Road for Nick and his family to use for vacation(s) on the Gulf and recruiting in Foley and Prichard.

    Nick’s Wall Street team of financial advisors are doing a retroactive bail out of Colonial Bank so that Nick can now own Auburn.


  9. BigOldDawg

    Senator: I don’t think you should come down so hard on Pryor….after all, he’s not the people who are paying the convicted felon, dog murderer and so forth $1.6 million for a year’s work.

    I assume what worries you, and me, is the social disconnect Pryor’s support indicates.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Why would Okie State turn down $6.5 Million to move the game to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington? That would have been an event comparable to the Bama–Va Tech meeting at the GA Dome. And they would have gotten even more PR.And they would have gotten a ton of dough. And it would have been at a neutral site. WAIT– THAT’S IT! Could it be that someone at Okie State had some home cookin’ planned for the visitors? Anyone who thinks I am nuts and the only one who thinks this read some of the posts at “Let Them Play” above.