Rather than indulge in an analysis of tomorrow’s SEC Championship game (which looks to boil down to which school’s offense can squeeze a little more out against the two best defenses in the country), I thought I’d ask the musical question instead of whether there’s ever been a larger gap between the SECCG and the ACCCG (aka The World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party) than what we’re seeing in this year’s versions.

For yucks, I took a look at Stub Hub to see how demand for the two games is shaping up.  Tickets there for the game in Atlanta are running higher in price than their Tampa counterparts by a factor of eight.  You can get into the ACCCG for less than half the cost of the ticket to the Georgia-Tennessee Tech game.

Is there anything the ACCCG offers this go ’round that’s superior to the SECCG?  About all I can come up with is that the Cuban food in Tampa is better than what’s available in Atlanta (I miss you, Kool Korners) and Mons Venus trumps the Cheetah (at least that’s what people tell me, heh).  Your thoughts?


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21 responses to “SECCG vs. ACCCG

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Eventually ratings for the ACCCG will be so low it will wind up on Thursday night.


  2. Left to Right

    I miss Kool Korners too, but Havana Sandwich Shop has re-opened near the intersection of Clairmont and Buford Highway.


    • Nate

      I ate at the one in Canton several times before it closed. That is truly an excellent restaurant. Yellow rice FTW!


    • Ray

      Ahh, I was going to say Havana Sandwich Shop. I didn’t know they reopened, thanks for letting us know. Sucks those bums burned it down. I work half a mile from so I think I will eat there today!


      • Left to Right

        Havana is now located in a shopping center behind a Pollo Loco. Interestingly, there are no other businesses in the shopping center other than a restaurant/bar next door owned by the people who used to own Fuzzy’s Place on North Druid Hills.


    • WreckTech

      Kool Korners was the bomb.

      Gotta trek up to Havan Sammich shop now – good to know


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    They’re smarter at all those ACC schools, dontcha know. That makes their shit smell better; just ask em.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Let’s see. Are they smarter at Miami? How about FSU ( where one can major in “Circus.”) What about Clemmons? Their “we’re so smart” BS is just that–BS. UGA is rated higher academically than all of the ACC schools except Duke, UVa and UNC. That superior academic BS is really wearing thin. If it was ever true (and I do not admit it ever was) that went out the window when the ACC sold out completely and expanded their conference.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    You can drive about 45 min out of Tampa & have dinner in Clearwater … oh & Chilis gives 2 for one drinks until 11pm … 🙂


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Mons Venus trumps the Cheetah (at least that’s what people tell me, heh). Your thoughts?”

    Have not been to Cheetah but except for that silly ‘don’t touch’ and can’t get within x number of feet of except for lap dances, Mons Venus is expensively special and it’s not just because its patrons need to have a designated driver or a cab take them out of the parking lot there to avoid getting a chance to meet a Tampa police officer (law enforcement’s not real big on the Mons owner) for a really, really neat DUI-DWI experience. Plus if there is a better steak restaurant around than Bern’s in Tampa, I’ve never heard about it.


    • Also, the Columbian in Ybor, JD’s right across the street and The Silver Ring over on Buffalo very near The New Sombrero if memory serves for Cuban. Then there’s CDB’s uptown right in the middle of downtown for Italian. Drooling just thinking about the Hardhat Special Sub. Of course, seafood.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    Instead of the Dr Pepper “punt/pass/kick” challenge at the half, the ACCCG is going to have a “Katana/Bokken/Nunchuck Freestyle Form” challenge.

    My money is on this kid from Tech:


  7. Tampa has dog tracks with card rooms and a big ship in the stadium. Wait, only one of those means anything to me.


  8. Irishdawg

    Your probably less likely to get your car broken into in Tampa.


    • Wolfman

      Have had car broken into in Tampa. Luckily the screwdriver they were using to rig it broke off in the ignition, so I still was able to sit in my car for a while.


  9. 4wholefriedchickensandacoke

    I always go to the original hooters or outback, then get into extended craps games with cousins of Gary Sheffield in St. Pete.


  10. Dawg N Suds

    But I hear Tampa has a fish fry.


  11. Deadpool

    Cheapest SECCG ticket I see is $394. Cheapest ACCCG ticket is $16 (<—- LOL).

    That's a factor of almost 25 isn't it? Not eight. Unless I'm missing something.

    Either way, wow that's sad.

    As much as I want to see Tech lose, I refuse to even watch the game just to deny it the ratings. I'll just check the score online every so often. :p


  12. Will (the other one)

    Tampa probably will have less annoying Gator fans, so that’s a plus in their favor as far as I’m concerned.