Pimp my ride.

In case you were worried, the Tiger Prowl is back, baby.

Feel free to indulge your inner snark in the comments.


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21 responses to “Pimp my ride.

  1. Aubiece

    Yeah, it really did not do so well last year…
    Why would AU do it again…


  2. n8diz

    Whats with the short-sleeved, untucked blue shirts. They look like they’re going to a barber convention.


  3. Jayna

    Now that is Fancy! I am just glad they video taped those secondary violations! No one accused them of not finishing the drill!


  4. jerome

    Brent Fullwood is not going to be opening that limo door and taking a seat. No. No he is not. Someone has to pick up the slack. That someone is Trooper Taylor.

    /chest bump

    //flip hat back


  5. masivatack

    Kinda touchy-feely aren’t they…


  6. masivatack

    Did Trooper just say something about only having food stamps?


  7. Spike

    Pretty Cheesy. Can they not tuck their shirttail in while they are on the prowl?


  8. Derek

    Some places sell themselves. Others….well not so much. I will grant you that Starkvegas and Columbia are pretty poor locales but the “Prettiest Village on the Plain” (“misnomer” is too small a word for that slogan) is a close third in the SEC. It used to be that Auburn relied upon cheating to become competitive. Anyone remember the “keep in down home cuz” incident with Larry Blakeney paying Eric Ramsey $300? Auburn has decided to invest that money in a more rule-friendly manner. And good for them. Class has never had much currency in Auburn and they recognize that utilizing the one thing they have in spades: classlessness, can work for them.

    Tech should do something similar: “Yeah we know they’re ugly and there’s not a lot of ’em, but hey they’re easy.” I guess the point is, use what you have and go with it. Lemons into lemonade as it were.


  9. Dog in Fla

    The shirts are Auburn knockoffs of the Guayabera cabana shirts which a Ricky Ricardo would never ever tuck in. I always wondered why Auburn could recruit Dade and Broward so well. Now I know. It’s not the shoes, it’s the Cuban shirts…



  10. almightytmc1

    Dont forget to turn that baseball cap turned backwards.
    It says “I can relate to you and the hip-hop culture.” (At least that is what the Auburn coaches think. To anyone under the age of 18 they look like a bunch of ridiculous old fools. But lets not tell them that.)


  11. almightytmc1

    By the way. Magnetic signs on rented Limos. The concept is probably cool to some high school students. (Right up until the time that they rent their own to go to the prom.)
    I think it sends a crappy message to potential recruits though.
    It is flossing to the highest order, and it may give the misimpression that they (recruits) will be living the high life at Auburn. Now we KNOW that Auburn would never subsidize their athletes and give them unfair payments, grades and swag. (Especially with Pat Dye and some of his cronies still on the payroll.)


  12. Pumpdawg

    Wow,Tracy Rocker has really let time get the best of him.


  13. Vinings Dog

    How do we EVER lose to these guys? That video was awful.


  14. David

    God forbid they generate a little excitement about their program. In case you haven’t noticed, teenagers get psyched up about cheesy things. Like, say, wearing black jerseys.

    Whatever they’re doing must have worked OK. Both teams finished 8-5. Georgia just beat Auburn for the fourth year in a row. And Auburn finished fourth in the recruiting rankings — which Georgia has bested just once since Richt became Georgia’s coach — and Georgia lost its top recruit on the day before signing day and came in 15th. Maybe Rodney Garner should look into stretch Hummers.


    • That is an awesome idea. Awesome.

      But why stop there? Why not have the coaches rip off their shirts when they emerge from the vehicle? That would be, like, awesome-squared.

      I bet if they’d have pulled that stunt on their last trip to Calhoun, Da’Rick would have stayed in da’fold. Totally.

      Maybe you should e-mail Coach Garner about this. 😉


  15. Spike

    Senator, GATA! These guys are just a tad to old to be acting and dressing like this. Come on, man!!


  16. Spike

    David, those black jerseys sure worked out for UGA when they whipped Auburns arse, now didn’t they?


  17. Marmot

    Wow…. I guess when some version of the Tiger Prowl begins making it’s way through Georgia High Schools, all your monocles are going to fall right into your tea cups as you collectively leap up to exclaim “Why… I never!” (Its times like this that I really miss Kiffin and the way he and Orgeron were the freak show of SEC recruiting.)