From the Office of Dubious Achievement

Darryl Gamble has something on his mind he wants to share.

… Gamble, who signed in 2006 and redshirted that first season, pointed out that there’s not a player on this team now who’s won an SEC championship.

“We don’t want to be the only class since coach Richt has been here that hasn’t won an SEC championship,” Gamble said. “This is our last shot, but we’ve got to make it happen, got to do extra stuff and make sure everybody’s doing extra stuff…”


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  1. Gen. Stoopnagle

    “Stuff”? is that a technical term?


  2. Chuck

    I like that he is aware of it and it means something to him. Play like it means something (and to be fair, DG mainly does) and we will be okay.


  3. Still believe that the Dawgs can win It In 2010 & still believe that USC is our main competition in the East. Gamble & other Seniors need to lead the way & provide the Senior leadership that we have been missing the last few years.


    • Aligator

      your kidding right? i admit that the gators lost a handful of starters, but the defense has 8 coming back with plenty of starting exp and 8 coming back with starting exp on offense? Yes Tebow may have been all of the offense, but like i said before, he was ball hoggish and shortsighted quite a bit.


      • IndyDawg

        Agreed. Even with the talent turnover, depth of returning talent, coaching track record (W-L) and history favor the gators in 2010. USCe and everyone else is chasing them in the east.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree Tony, UGA should be a co-favorite to make it to Atlanta based on the talent and schedule we see at this point in the year. The game in Columbia this fall will more significant than ever as it could easily be the tie-breaker for the East. SC lost a lot of talent from their defense but return an improved, experienced QB for a big game early in the year. Have to give a slight edge to SC until we see what we have on the new defense. I see UF as a spoiler, but not a contender this Fall.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    I hope he doesn’t gamble away this opportunity.


  5. Thomas Brown

    We have a lot of dubious achievements the last 4 years with little hope of being great in these areas with all of them all back.

    Is this a veiled attempt to not discuss the current state of our UGA Bulldogs’ Football Program ?

    Lost 3 of the last 4 to the vols.

    Lost 3 of the last 4 to Florida.

    It’s great that we used to play football, but the facts remain that any attempt to state that UGA is better than Florida in football when it once was 44-22-2 and now stands at 47-39-2, comes across pardon me as shallow.

    3 National Championships according to everyone in the last 15 years now for Florida to 0 in the last 3 decades for UGA and 3 wins in the last 2 decades over Florida for us, I am sorry to say make any other attempt to say who is best, or who is ranked where, so much baloney.

    Moreover :

    25-36-4 UGA vs Alabama All-Time
    52-53-8 UGA vs Auburn All-Time
    12-15-1 UGA vs LSU All-Time
    16-21-2 UGA vs Tennessee All-Time

    Historically, we are obviously 5th.

    In the Coach Richt Era, now Year 10, we have yet to beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any bowl game on the National Stage.

    2-2 UGA vs Boston College
    1-2 UGA vs Houston with 1 tie
    2-3 UGA vs Maryland with 1 tie
    0-1 UGA vs Miami of Ohio
    1-1 UGA vs Michigan
    0-2 UGA vs Navy
    0-1 UGA vs Nebraska
    0-1 UGA vs Penn State
    0-3 UGA vs Pittsburgh with 1 tie
    0-3 UGA vs USC Southern Cal
    0-1 UGA vs Stanford
    0-1 UGA vs Syracuse
    1-3 UGA vs Texas
    2-3 UGA vs Texas A&M
    0-1 UGA vs Rice
    1-2 UGA vs Wake Forest
    0-1 UGA vs West Virginia

    We cannot get over the hump in our own Division of our own Conference to get on The National Stage to beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in any bowl game.

    We are a joke being ranked # 1 consensus only to go out and give up

    31 consecutive points
    42 consecutive points
    29 consecutive points

    and, Lose all 3 games to drop all the way to # 13 Final AP Poll.

    Had we started where we ended at # 13, we would not have been ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25.

    In the last 4 years, we have had :

    14 average interceptions per year 4 yr

    21 average fumbles per year 4 yr

    # 96 average NCAA rank in Penalties 4 yr

    In the last 4 years we have Lost 14 games, 10 of them in our own Division of our own Conference to keep us from the National Stage beating a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in a bowl game.

    10-10 UGA vs SEC East last 4 years

    Everyone else knows that Florida has been the best team in The SEC over the lifetime of anyone alive today.

    Everyone else knows that Alabama has been significantly better than UGA as well. 31 to nothing when we are ranked # 1 at halftime, sticks in my craw.

    There is no one who thinks with UGA the higher ranked team every year over the last 8 consecutive and counting compared to the vols that it is any consolation with the vols actually having won HALF 4 of those 8 years to maintain a huge lead over us.

    We have lost to 8 teams in the Coach Richt Era of 9 years so far, who none of the 8 teams were ranked in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll Patrick.

    We have beat 17 Top 25 Final AP Poll teams in the Coach Richt Era, and lost to 19.

    These are the teams who are not, or are, actually the best teams.

    In the Coach Richt Era, we have 27 losses. Both Vince Dooley and Wally Butts, both had better 9 year stretches than that.

    LSU has been ranked in the Top 10 of the Final AP Poll 5 times in the Coach Richt Era, and no SEC team has been ranked in the Top 10 Final AP Poll more in the Coach Richt Era, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR of these 5 LSU Top 10 Final AP Poll Rankings, LSU, was ranked AHEAD of UGA. And, twice LSU was consensus National Champion. Explain to me again how we are better than LSU ?

    You concede that Alabama is better than UGA.

    You concede that Tennessee is better than UGA.

    You do not concede that Florida is as well. Hogwash.

    Nor do you concede that LSU is as well. Hogwash.

    All Auburn has to do is point to our Losing Record to them All-Time to put UGA in 6th in our own Conference.

    LSU are we to blame a blown call for the loss, or face up to the fact LSU too along with Tennessee Alabama Florida and LSU all have National Championships, most of them multiple times in recent years, and that Auburn who we have beat 4 years in a row is only because while we have lost 14 games the last 4 years they have lost 18, when of course just prior to that too, they went undefeated 13-0.

    14-game seasons nowadays and we’ve won more than 11 only once in the Coach Richt Era now starting Year 10.

    It’s not been very fun losing to every single SEC East team in a row the last 4 years.

    Instead of trying to tell the players and coaches how great they are, why don’t we tell them instead that we are not at all satisfied.

    Because I for one am not.

    I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but the facts are that we have now yet again no quarterback with any experience whatsoever, and folks are talking about a rebuilding year. Just wait until next year the refrain goes, when after this season we lose 14 seniors and 5 juniors, all starters.

    How can this year be a rebuilding year ? I thought we just went through a rebuilding year with 5 losses. 10-3 or 9-4 great defense and 2 best kickers on one team in America. If Aaron Murray after watching him for a year and half is # 1, has never taken a snap under center in his lifetime against anyone, is admittedly short and small and already has had 3 injuries the last 2 years from his size, doesn’t exactly have much zip on his ball usually worded as throwing then catchable balls, and has 4.7 speed which is not fast at all proven by the most serious injury to-date by a 300 lbs. lineman. If after watching Zach Mettenberger progress over a year and a half to the point where you ask Logan Gray starting his 4th year in this system to move to a new position with his grand totals of 0 touchdown passes, only 5 completions with 2 interceptions to show for his now 4th year in this system, is your back-up. Then, get Aaron Murray named Starter and Zach will have plenty of time to prove he is the back-up for injuries expected and Logan Gray 3rd.

    This cannot be a rebuilding year because until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game you don’t know who your damn Starter is. You put yourself into this position. Now make a damn choice already. And, try making the right choice for a change on Offense just once now.

    Sorry about that.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Thank you. Now shut up.


    • Ray

      I see the name and scroll past.


    • JaxDawg

      No one likes negativity, and most responders will tell this guy to “go away” or “shut up” or “F off”. But facts is facts and while we have alot to be excited about, the fact is that aside from 2007, we have been very average since 2005. Losing to KY and Vandy should NEVER happen to UGA. It should never be tolerated and is inexcusable. With an improved D and a consistent O, we should break out of this funk, but Thomas Brown makes good points about our recent (lack of) success and how it’s rather poor that we don’t have a starting QB when FL named Brantley the successor 3 years ago.

      All the historical info couldn’t matter less to me, but we haven’t been the same since BVG left. Hopefully CTG will change that. But yes, it is frustrating Mr. Brown.


    • DT

      I just checked, is still available…


    • Hackerdog

      TB, normally I see one of your walls of text and skip it, as do most others here. But this time I made the effort and I have a bit of constructive criticism.

      The above post is 1,289 words. You don’t get paid by the word, so why subject us to 3 pages of unintelligible crap? If you were to keep your posts short, say 100 words of less, then there is a chance that you are capable of making a point that isn’t veiled in layers of nonsense, verbosity, and crazy.

      Sorry about that.


    • Dog in Fla

      Every now and then a TB offensive ineptitude attack novella could give a case of the constipation blues

      But this too shall pass and one will feel a lot better


    • TB Sucks

      Oh good, you’re back.


  6. Will Q

    Senator, I think your blog needs a TB vaccination.


  7. I don’t mind Thomas Brown’s posts, but nobody should be allowed to use the name of a former Bulldog unless they are actually that player.