Putting their best foot forward

David Hale was good enough to post this yesterday:

It’s a fun watch, but check out the quarterbacks’ foot positioning when they’re throwing out of the shotgun. Remind you of anything?

Now, granted, we weren’t treated to seeing any running plays out of the shotgun, so if their stance looks the same for those, then, no harm, no foul.


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7 responses to “Putting their best foot forward

  1. Macallanlover

    Is your point that Bobo is teaching UGA QBs to tip the play by having two different alignment techniques, or that they evolve to that as learned behavior from prior QBs? It would be very disturbing if our OC doesn’t think disguising a play from the opposing DC is significant. I admit to not being CMB’s biggest fan as an OC but I have to say after being brought up here last fall, you would think someone picked up on that and made changes. Surely we are that alert, aren’t we?


  2. Jayna

    I would say that is something opposing teams would pick up on and use to “read” our O like a BOOK during a game! I am sure a few hours in the film room would reveal that clue to the opposing teams, especially when you know what to look for… Bobo needs to mix that up, that is not good!


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Hahahaha.. the best part of that was “punters and kickers”.


  4. jacob

    For the most part, we handed the ball off under center last year, not in the shotgun. We had much more success when we didn;t hand it off in shotgun formation.

    At practice on Thursday, the only QB who was really noticeable with the foot thing was mettenberger, but even when handing it off, I still noticed him and murray with uneven foot position,,,it makes it easier for the dropback to pass or the pivot to hand it off…..Peyton Manning and the Colts do the same thing and they seem to be winning games pretty consistently against NFL defenses