Trouble in River City

As much as I mock the goings on in Knoxville – and I think that even the most rabid Tennessee fan would have to concede that Junior and Mike Hamilton have been the lowest of low hanging fruit on many occasions – I still respect the history and accomplishments of the program.  I expect the Vols to enter a typical season being at least an above-average team (which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it when they fall short).

So how far have things fallen when a UT beat writer can list the five biggest questions facing the program coming out of spring practice without even getting to the daunting task of rebuilding the entire offensive line?



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6 responses to “Trouble in River City

  1. heyberto

    I’m still in awe of the Kiffin house of cards that collapsed around Dooley as he took the job. I can’t help but wonder if he won’t end up a sacrificial lamb.. the guy who makes immense strides in rebuilding the program and restoring its integrity after a jackass leaves it in shambles, but someone else has to come behind him to elevate it further… kind of like Dennis Felton with our basketball program.


  2. Max

    Got a flash from the past though when it mentioned Dooley’s assistant coach Erik Russell.

    Too close to the original to not think back to our good times.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    You know, we all keep writing negative things about UT in this and other blogs and all the while the Vols have beaten UGA 3 out of the last 4 years. One of their wins (2007) kept the Dawgs from winning the SEC East, the SECCG and probably the BCSNC. I hate the Vols as much as I hate the Gators, maybe even more. But it seems only logical to me that , maybe, we should beat their asses BEFORE we start talking about had rotten their program is. After all, they did have the #7 rated recruiting class last year. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of those guys for years (including next season). Just sayin’…


    • Coastal Dawg

      Amen. Their “in a shambles program” managed to take us to the woodshed for a signature win last year.


  4. Vious

    UT will probably win 7-8 games as their talent is not that great and their new systems will need to take hold which could take awhile

    With that said, them beating us wouldn’t shock me

    They are talented enough to beat anyone on their schedule (they wont beat them all of course)


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not getting into the Mettenberger controversy (which I have purposely avoided as I do not know all the facts) has anyone given any thought to how well UGA will do in football in 2010 if Murray gets injured? We are, after all, talking about a guy as the projected starter who has basically stayed injured since early in his senior year of HS. No disrespect to Logan Gray but do you really think he can handle the throws our offense requires? And if you think we’ll just run the ball all the time, when other teams figure out that we do not have a passing game they will put 10 men in the box and MAKE us throw. UGA is coming off an 8-5 year. Vious thinks UT (a team all of us seem to think is in disarray) will win 7-8 games on talent alone. We have a new D, a new DC and a new D staff. The offense is going to have to carry the D for the early part of the season. There is a talent drop off now at QB between the #1 and #2 that is not only substantial but also is in skill set (meaning if Gray is QB they will have to run a different offense IMO). The 3rd team QB (Mason) is damn good but will not have had a spring practice. Murray better not get hurt or all those guys who badmouthed Joe Cox last year are going to be wishing that he was back.