Looks like they picked the wrong week to quit growing dope.

In a refreshing the-shoe-is-on-the-other-foot development, ULaLa announced the suspension of four players (including one starter) for the season opener in Athens as a result of their arrests for felony marijuana cultivation.

Hopefully that will contribute to Grantham being able to place his starting outside linebackers in bubble wrap on the sidelines for the second half.  In any event, you’ve got to figure that the Dawgs will only look slightly less vanilla than they did on G-Day as the coaches try not to tip their hands too much for the OBC and game two.


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  1. Charles D.

    Not to get too political, but it is insane that those guys are going to go to prison for that.

    Marijuana should be legalized for several reasons.

    1. The economics. This is two-fold. If marijuana was regulated and taxed it would provide quite a lift to America’s beleaguered deficit. It could also add quite a lot of jobs to rural farmers in small towns that are dying across the country.

    2. National security. I don’t know why Americans are not more aware of what has been going on in Mexico the last couple of years. It is as dire a situation, or worse, than Afghanistan, and it is on America’s border. Legalizing American-grown marijuana would put an enormous dent in the Narcos’ business. It would also give the US a bigger stake in the game of wiping out the Narcos, as they would then be financial competition.

    3. The youth of America. Marijuana has long been considered a gateway drug, which means that kids who want to smoke marijuana generally have to hang out with unsavory characters to aquire the marijuana. It naturally would lead to the dealer asking the client if he would like to try cocaine, meth, crack, etc. By legalizing marijuana, the idea of the drug as a gateway would be severely hampered.


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  3. Cojones

    Nah! Only one starter . Now if they USE the stuff before gametime, then we have a chance to rest our people. They will be so busy pulling up our turf , holding it up and exclaiming,”Look!! Grass!!” that you could push them over with one finger. Now if they share with our team, then we have a great and humorous game. There would be so many offsides that they would have to call the game. The backfield would probably stand up and shake each other’s hand while the QB stands there with the ball or throws it into the stands as a souvenir. The scenarios are endless. A reefer-sharing game…hmmm.


  4. Cojones

    Charles D- With more smokers in the older population and a more liberal attitude among younger voters nowadays, those old and true points may get legs. The problem occurs where the older drinkers can’t make the synapse to regulation exactly as booze has. If they considered it, their eyes would roll back to see “Devil Weed” imprinted and they would head for a vespered teaparty.


    • Charles D.

      The big differece between alcohol and marijuana, of course, is that there are not enough levels of profit for big business to get behind.

      With beer, you have the barley growers, which are all corporate farms, the manufacturers, the distributors and retail.

      With marijuana, the only two profit levels would be farming and retail. There just are not enough middle men for corporate America to get rich on it. That is the only reason it has not been legalized. When someone gets a corporation’s blessing to vertically integrate the process, to buy huge swaths of land in Northern California, set up a nation-wide distribution network and create a retailer with a marijuana-friendly angle, pot will get legalized.

      The problem now is that it is such a localized organic business, and the people who are making money are degenerates and hippies, that corporate America hasn’t taken the time to look at what enormous potential there is in the business.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        What is this world coming to? Next thing they’ll do is start kicking guys off the team for getting drunk and making themselves look like a fool over a girl….er…wait.


  5. Charles D.

    As drug-war violence continued to intensify, sucking in innocents caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, dozens of people were killed across Mexico on Thursday and Friday.

    All told, according to government statistics, more than 22,700 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon launched a military-led offensive against well-armed and powerful drug cartels shortly after he assumed office in December 2006.


  6. Dawgfan17

    I am hoping that instead of slightly less vanilla in the game against them we get a twice as vanilla. Our offense should have 4 plays in it. Run left, run right, run middle and play action throw deep. The defense should have about 2 plays, one more run stop oriented, one more pass stop. Hopefully with running the ball over and over, King and Ealey can get us into a lot of 2nd and shorts to set up Murray for a few nice hits, something like 8 of 12 for 150 yards 2tds no picks to build up his confidence while not showing anything to Carolina except they better be ready to be run on a lot.