Envy and jealousy: losing my religion edition

While we’re on the subject of one-liners, I hate to return to the subject of that incredibly lame Notre Dame video, but I have to admit I got a chuckle out of this reaction to it at College Football Talk:

Ego te absolvo, my son.



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3 responses to “Envy and jealousy: losing my religion edition

  1. Ray

    One of the funnier comments I saw:
    “The last time I felt this sick was after I saw “Two Girls, One Cup”.


  2. ChicagoDawg

    The sight and sounds of puppies being jammed into a blender is more pleasant to the senses. May all who willfully participated in this video burn in an eternal lake of fire. Surely God did not create man for work such as this.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “They’re living a lie.” Lou Holtz.