Kiffin watch: It’s not like he was marrying UT, you know.

You read stuff like this part of an interview with Junior and you can’t help but wonder how oblivious Mike Hamilton had to be when he made the hire in the first place.

ANDREA KREMER: When you came into Knoxville, the first thing that you preached was loyalty and togetherness.  Now you’re leaving a year later and there’s no loyalty and you’re about to break up togetherness.

LANE KIFFIN:  I never once told any of those players I would be there forever.  I never made the statement, ‘I’m coming here, this is my dream job, I’m never leaving.’ I never made those statements.

AK: Do you think that made them feel better?

LK: No, but it’s part of the business. You know, and as they get older they understand.  That’s why they put buyouts in contracts, you know.

By the way, based on what HBO is reporting, it’s hard to say that Southern Cal has any more of a clue than did Tennessee.


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7 responses to “Kiffin watch: It’s not like he was marrying UT, you know.

  1. kckd

    As Charles Barkley says “he must have a picture of somebody with a monkey”


  2. Keith

    He is only making slightly less than what Carroll was making. He would have left for the same money he was making at UT. THIRTEEN career victories as a HC.

    Ahh, America, gotta love her


  3. LRGK

    What – no comment on the ‘Sovereign Immunity’ card being played by Texas Tech?

    We were out to get him but, as the Government Bully, we are exempt from scrutiny and consequences…


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Let’s assume he fails … Imagine what his next job will be? I mean where do you go from there but down?