Sunday morning buffet

Served up fresh…



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11 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Chuck

    I am sorry, Coach Richt but it was spectacular. As both a Braves fan and a Dawg fan from about the mid-60s, neither Sid Bream churning around third to score , nor P-44 were spectacular from a hypothetical, ivory tower thinking way, but given the circumstances they were both damn spectacular.

    Oh, and I clicked a couple of ads. 🙂


  2. Charles D.

    I just keep having visions of Murray’s falling down backwards, duck toss into the arms of the opponent on G-Day and get shivers. It is sooooooo reminiscent of one of Ginger or Stafford’s losing plays over the last couple of years.

    Maybe Murray will just watch David Greene film all summer long?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I thought the play four or five plays before P-44, in retrospect, was pretty spectacular….you know, that 60 yard screen pass by UT, against the much yakked about Brian Van Gorder defense.

    The outcome of P-44 was pretty damn spectacular at the time.

    Unless and Until….we have a great play that has huge consequences, the only really spectacular plays are: “run Lindsay”
    “he’s only a freshman” (also in Nay Land you note)
    And whoever for Tech made the play that tied Notre Dame.

    Those and others that year are plays of mythic proportions.

    Everything else is just interesting history.

    I mean, really, should we count the bad call against LSU?



  4. dudetheplayer

    Unfortunately, it’s clowns like “pcsjax1” (commenter on that Aaron Murray article) who keep adding fuel to the fire of the “Richt on the hot seat” meme:

    “The Dawg Nation is not looking for a “figurehead” like Paterno or Bowden. The Dawg Nation is looking for “Championships Plural”! The last 5 years have been a disappointment and a failure for the fans. If Richt were at Alabama, LSU or Florida, he would be gone! Why should the Dawg Nation expect less from a head coach paid $2.8 million plus endorsements. Could Kirby Smart or Will Muschamp do any worse?”

    The guy is clueless.


    • NCT

      I saw that and agree with your characterization both of the comment’s general contribution to the “hot seat” myth and of the commenter’s clue level. And I seriously think that neither Bama, Florida, nor LSU would fire a head coach who had Richt’s results over the last five years.


    • don’t worry, I think i ripped him a new one on that article.


  5. Largemouth Dawg

    In Harry King’s article, he says Arkansas fans had the opportunity to see Stafford in Fayetteville. Stafford didn’t even play against Arkansas at all…

    Not to be nitpicky…. except yeah, I want to be nitpicky


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    I think this(… is a good ref to the hot seat issue. Ratings for Mr Finebaum are always the focus of anything he writes. I’m not a journalist but wonder if any of you who are might look at his reasons for positioning himself where he does.