We shall overcome.

After reading this, I only have one question…

… Hatch responded by calling some of the arguments “absurd” and said the BCS system was “biased, secretive and harmful to schools and competitors” and referred to the letter as “arrogant” and “evasive.”

Good for you, Orrin, although it is a bit ironic that folks like you, who believe in less government, want the federal government to step in and do something about the inequities of the BCS football system.

While it certainly isn’t on the same level of importance, it reminds me of what Congress did nearly 50 years ago when it enacted the Civil Rights Act because certain powerful people wanted to keep treating others like second-class citizens…

Who is the Rosa Parks of college football?


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  1. Dboy

    TBA. But I’m guessing it would be a good project for Mike Leach when he is done defeating the raiders.


  2. Phocion

    “Who is the Rosa Parks of college football?”

    We all know who this is (because the Humanitarian Bowl certainly fills the “back of the bus”/”seperate but equal” aspect/farce) so let’s not act ignorant just because we don’t like the comparisson or the politician making it.


  3. thewhiteshark

    Not quite as lame as those who compare the Arizona law to Nazi Germany, but pretty lame, nonetheless. The system is flawed, but rewarding schools that go 12-0 because they play a bunch of weak sisters and one or two somewhat tough games a year is not the answer either. The situation in college football is not exactly like having a neighbor that won’t sell his house to someone because he is racist.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Good grief, a columnist who thinks we need laws about college football, federal laws!

    The BCS is shooting itself in the foot too. Does it want to be a system that crowns the most deserving champion? It doesn’t do a flawless job of that. Does it want to be a system that tries to get the money in the pockets of the schools that (deserve it and) generate ratings? It does a pretty good job at that.

    Senator Windbag (it could be anybody) sees his wedge because the BCS speaks with forked tongue.


  5. Reptillicide

    By the time this is over with, there won’t be a national championship at all. They’ll just go back to the days of naming one


  6. gernblanski

    I love college football as much as anyone but the ENTIRE college athletics system is one that is flawed.

    Despite all of the dressing up done with scholarships, relaxed academic standards, Pell Grants, football post-season bowls, championship tournaments, etc., the SYSTEM is bound to have bugs and inconsistencies, unfairness and inequities, because it is based on a puritan aspect of amateurism (by why of the English school system.)

    Study up on the true reasons for amateurism and why it instituted and you can see that no matter the solution, there still will be problems with college athletics/football.

    Once you come to grips with that fact, you can either learn to live with it and enjoy it for what it is or you can work to change it. But to make the perfect changes, you need to start with changing the system for procuring the talent that generates the entertainment.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      When the colleges started making $ out of students playing, that’s when it got messed up. Then it became about the $, not about student athletes competing.


  7. Strom Thurmond

    If we had a crystal ball 50 years ago it would still be a pipe dream.