Prepare the Finebaum tongue bath!

When I read this, why do I get the sense of a guy sizing up the next bandwagon to jump on?

I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.


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26 responses to “Prepare the Finebaum tongue bath!

  1. The Realist

    Chizik has yet to earn his bones. It’s easy to look like a coaching genius when you have the best player on the field (Right, Urbz?). He still has to beat Alabama. If he doesn’t do that this year with Newton under center, then it is not likely to happen again until Saban leaves.

    Let’s remember that he is a defensive-minded coach, and his defenses have largely been underwhelming. If not for Gus Malzahn, where would he be? When Gus gets a head job and Cam is throwing picks in the NFL, where will Chizik be then? That’s when a head coach earns his bones. You can’t judge a hire 1 1/2 seasons into it… Remember Larry Coker? He won a national title his first year and was getting ready to play for another his second year. That turned out well.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Plus, Auburn fans aren’t likely to forget that picture of him in the Alabama locker room wearing a Nike Alabama coaches’ golf shirt. He can talk all he wants about how great Auburn is, even the War Eagle crowd won’t buy it.


    • Go Dawgs!

      And another thing, in that article he calls out several sportswriters and Auburn fans for what they said immediately after the Gene Chizik hiring. What he fails to mention is that he basically called the leaders of Auburn athletics racists for not hiring Turner Gill when they instead opted for Chizik. He had some great things to say about how Auburn had ceded control of the state to Alabama for the forseeable future with the hire. Funny how he’s willing to point out the potential error in other people’s writings (only a “potential” error because as The Realist pointed out, you can’t really call the hiring a home run until he shows he can do it without Tuberville’s players, a fluke transfer from Florida, Malzahn, and squeaky-close wins over UK, SC, and Clemson) but he won’t really recall his own wrong-headed statements. Even if Chizik ultimately faceplants Terry Bowden-style, Finebaum needs to have his feet held to the fire for the statements he made about AU’s leadership being racists. Perhaps they were just better at evaluating coaching talent than Kansas? (Georgia Tech win nothwithstanding… lolz)


      • Russell

        Thank you for bringing that up. He believes that the people of Alabama are too stupid to remember his past quotes about Auburn AND Alabama, or that they are too lazy to check the archives…or maybe they just don’t care, because they like the soap opera quality of his show. He has bet his career on it. It has paid of handsomely for him so far. He’s got their number.


        • Biggus Rickus

          One thing I’ve learned in my many years of listening to talk radio and watching ESPN is that nobody is ever held accountable for contradicting themselves.


        • Mayor of dawgtown

          He’s right. The Alabama populace has the memory of a termite and the attention span of a ferret on amphetamines. Not to mention the intellect of a bat.


      • Mike

        “The Realist pointed out, you can’t really call the hiring a home run until he shows he can do it without Tuberville’s players, a fluke transfer from Florida, Malzahn, and squeaky-close wins over UK, SC, and Clemson.”

        Other than that Mrs. Kennedy, how was your trip to Dallas?”

        On a similar note, where would Vince Dooley be without Walker?

        Of course, Chizik has not done anything remotely as good as Dooley at this time in his short career. But the point is that great players have a tendency to make coaches look pretty damn smart. And the opposite is true too, right Mr Cox?


        • Go Dawgs!

          Hey, credit goes where credit is due. They’ve won all the games. But what is it about Auburn that’s so different from LSU right now? LSU is being ridiculed around the conference while Auburn is being lauded. They’re both unbeaten. Les Miles is a fool while Gene Chizik is some sort of God? Auburn blew the doors off of Arkansas, but no thanks to Chizik’s defense, that’s for sure.


        • Mayor of dawgtown

          Where would Vince Dooley be without Herschel Walker? In the College Football Hall of Fame, that’s where. Walker was only at UGA for 3 seasons. VD might not have won the MNC in 1980 without Walker but he would undoubtedly have won SOME games those 3 years. VD won 201 games in his career. Without Walker the figure might only be 195 or so with a winning percentage in excess of 70%–still HOF material.


  3. GreenDawg

    Let’s hope that we can derail his latest bandwagon in a few weeks. Wouldn’t it be great to put the “Richt-on-the-hotseat” meme to rest while also taking out Finebaum’s newest darling?


  4. Biggus Rickus

    Well, his defense is in year two of sucking, and Cam Newton won’t be there forever. Nor will Malzhan.


  5. Russell

    F’baum is merely setting him up for the big let down, knock down, take down that will come sooner or later. This guy is all about playing up who is hot at this particular moment. And he of course plays the fans off of each other. It is a successful formula for him.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Paul has always been such a great supporter of Chizik and Jay Jacobs.

    Paul expects to be at Olin Mills soon posing in full Auburn gear for his new portrait. The old one is outdated.


  7. Gen. Stoopnagle

    I’m wondering if he worries about some nut-job knocking him off on his way home from work? The way he toys with peoples’ emotions (in Alabama, about football) is playing with fire.

    I’m just wondering because most people are nuts generally. This is Bama/Auburn fan – a whole different level of crazy.


  8. Bryant Denny

    Glad to see you Dawgs are finally catching up to the Finebaum M.O.

    He’s not a Bama fan, we’re all just pawns in the Finebaum world. 🙂

    Also, I’ll say it again, as long as we keep listening and typing about him on blogs, etc. he’ll hang around.

    Of course, with 5M+ in hits, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ol Senator has his own upcoming time slot on the Finebaum network. 🙂



  9. Hogbody Spradlin



  10. Macallanlover

    F’bomb is an idiot, with an audience that must have a 55 IQ. He was handed the keys to the kingdom by Sirius and hasn’t been smart enough to make this a show with national credibility. Still operates the show like he is dealing with the t-shirt mafia in AL. Hard to be worse than Jack Arute, but he is. Sirius needs to move Bill King to the afternoon slot when people are actually awake, or just repeat it in the 3:00PM drive show. But they should still give Paula his marching orders and fire him if he doesn’t step his game up.

    That said, Auburn is still a one-trick pony with no defense. A simply amazing home schedule, comeback wins over two teams at home, another handed to them by officials, and close shaves in two road games at Lexington and Starkville have them breathing rare air but I think they have 2-3 losses before the end of the regular season. F’bomb may be sorry about jumping on that wagon too quickly.


  11. jeff

    Living in Bham and being a listener of FBaum’s show at the time (I rarely listen now) I can say that no one was more insulting to GC than Finebaum.

    He’s got a lotta nerve quoting others when the things he said were far more demeaning.

    To Gen Stoopnagle, I have seen Fbaum in public many times and he is always scanning the crowd , watching for haters.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Now Finebaum is building up the Aubs for the inevitable letdown.

    He knows how to pull their strings and he knows his show will be funnier than Hee Haw when the train wreck happens.


  13. JasonC

    I didn’t read the article and I probably won’t. As discussed above, Finebaum is a tool and hypocrite, so why read his crap.

    I did read some of the comments though and I am a little disappointed.

    Actually, I was thinking the other day, that it wasn’t so long ago that most Dog fans (and other SEC fans) were falling over themselves laughing at the hire or Chizik- recalling his failure and crappy record at ISU. Well, as some of you noted, the defense is still pretty crappy, which does fall on Chizik. However, I have to give him credit for being shrewd enough to bring in Gus who has done some special things over there.

    Sure, “stealing” Cam Newton helped, but they got him, so that wasn’t a bad move by Chizik’s squad either. Not to mention, Auburn has once again become a lot more relevant on the recruiting trail. So with a decent group last year and some potential this year, Chizik could be building Auburn back into a SOB team to play each year.

    Believe me, I hate the possibility of Auburn being back, but I am willing to acknowledge it.


  14. OldDawg55

    Finebaum aside, you cite Malzahn, Newton as being the main force behind CGC..well, you’re as good as the men around you…that’s true in any occupation..I spent 37 years in the military and was fortunate to always have great guys and gals supporting made me look good but I never had any doubt about who were the major contibutors. No coach carries the team on his own..not Bryant, not JoePa, not Bobby B. So don’t downgrade CGC instead praise him for having the good sense to get good criticize CMR for his a little consistent in your analyzes. And by the way, Auburn will go down to Georgia but will take Bama!!