During the Gator Bowl broadcast, viewers were treated to Mississippi State’s athletic director using a less than flattering metaphor in referring to Cecil and Cam Newton.

This year’s game should be a friendly meeting.



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  1. Bryant Denny



  2. Jaybird

    I believe he was an associate AD at Auburn..not sure he was speaking of his former employers here, but maybe Rogers and HIS associates….


  3. Macallanlover

    Hard to argue with anyone questioning the ethics of the Newton clan, or their affiliates. Cammy stinks all the way back to Gainesville, and they continued to cheat as he was in the recruiting process after JUCO. If the AubieCanes don’t wish to have their integrity questioned, they shouldn’t associate with these people. Tiggers have been dirty for decades, not the first time they have been caught straying. If it walks like a Duck…..


    • Jaybird

      AUBURN has not been “caught” doing anything wrong in the Cam Newton crap….direct that crap to John Bond, Kenny Rogers, and Bill Bell.


      • 81 Dog

        well, not yet, anyway. But based on their proven history of cheating and paying players (as most recently outlined by Terry Bowden, who had an insider view of things), if I was an AU fan (god forbid), I believe I would go lighter on the indignant moral outrage in response to the suggestion AU might have something to worry about in the recruitment of a kid who was admittedly being shopped to a coach he already knew, liked and with whom he had a good relationship. Yet, magically, he decides to take the high road (at the direction of his scheming father, who was the guy shopping him) and go to Auburn?

        pull the other leg, son, it’s got bells on it. AU is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, or by whatever due process the NCAA agrees to provide, but in the court of public opinion? That dog ain’t gonna hunt, barners.


      • Macallanlover

        That is what you AubieCanes want to believe. While no proof has yet surfaced as to who paid, the violation of the rules by Cecil/Cam in dealing with MSU was very clear. Newton should have been declared ineligible by the SEC & NCAA already, and will have to be in the near future or they will have lost all control. The Auburn President and AD should have already taken that action on their own. But after watching the Fairley the Fairy hit replays all year, it is obvious where they stand regarding standards.


  4. I have a hard time believing that an asset (Cam Newton) previously valued at $180K managed to devalue to $0 in the course of a single recruiting season. If I put my house on the market and don’t like the first few bids away, how likely is it that I’m forced to give the damned thing away?

    So, yes, I believe Auburn paid for him. Most of the boosters who got Auburn busted for paying players are still around. An individual may change. A whole group of people? No.

    But I also don’t think this will come to anything. The odds that the NCAA a) manages to investigate this competently and b) coherently renders a ruling that holds the appropriate folks accountable are so infinitesimally small that I’ve resigned to trouble myself no further with this affair.


    • 69Dawg

      The only way the NCAA will act is if the public release of the FBI wiretaps furnishes the evidence. The NCAA will hang you but they want you to furnish the rope and the chair. We at UGA have been all to happy to furnish our own rope instead of taking the SMU booster’s admonition to lie lie lie.


  5. WDE06

    Didn’t UGA lose to UCF the other day.

    War Eagle!


    • Macallanlover

      Having trouble keeping up with the subject matter AubieCane? Not known for great thinkers on The Plains.


  6. WDE06

    UGA players are well on their way to earning the 2011 Fulmer Cup Championship.

    How many points do you get for second degree assault?



    • Scott W.

      What’s the easiest way to get the heat off you, start pointing fingers. All AU fans know that the chance for impropriety to be found in their dealings with the Newton clan is extremly high. By the time enforcement is handed down they’ll all have their NC tees and pictures from AZ. Someone should make them some complementing asterisks.