Jim Delany’s bad day

2011 did not get off to a roaring start for the Big Ten commissioner.   An 0-5 day tends to humble a man.  In Delany’s case, it was humbling enough for him for him to render praise to the SEC without a hint of sarcasm.

How far does the Big Ten need to go to catch the SEC, the league to which you’re most often compared?

JD: They’ve won four national championships in a row. That says everything to me. We’ve had some competitive success, but they have the edge. Until we beat them, they deserve the edge. Whether it’s in an individual contest or a conference contest, you test yourself against the best and you get measured. If you want to be .500 or if you want to win 70 percent of your games, you can schedule that. A lot of people do in September. What it really comes down to is how you play big games against great opponents on big stages.

Good thing Ohio State goes into the Sugar Bowl with its full contingent of players, all committed to the program’s future.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    (Purely for humor): I always said General Lee never lost, he just ran out of time.

    I’d be interested to know the post WWII head on head record between the Big Ten and SEC, including bowl games. I bet the pre-BCS Rose Bowl record favors the West Coasties too.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Any chance the Big 10 (sic) makes Central Florida a member honorarium?


  3. Macallanlover

    I want to say this in a year when the SEC is holding the advantage in bowl contests with the Big 11, bowl games are not a very good way to judge the relevant strength of conferences. The SEC is the better conference, and everyone except those with blind bias know that. There was a time when the two conferences were pretty equal, but in the past 20 years it has not even been close. There are too many variables in bowl match-ups to use that as THE measuring stick. Still, it is always fun to see Boss Delaney grovel for any reason.

    Would have traded any of those 5 Big 11 losses for a guarantee that arrogant OSU goes down against Arky. Go Hawgs!!


  4. Bulldog Joe

    That quote could just as easily have come from Greg McGarity.


  5. PatinDC

    I am curious what the penalty will be if any of those OSU players change their minds and go pro anyway.


  6. I hate that the only joy we can get from college football is rooting for our conference, since our team has been crap since 2005.


    • Classic City



    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Sorry MB but I pull for every one of our rivals to lose. It absolutely broke my heart that Florida won, particularly the way they did it, on a bad call of pass interference near the end of the game. The replay showed that there was no contact between the PSU defender and the Florida reciever until after the ball arrived. First down Florida at the 2. They scored on the next play. That’s how Florida scored the TD that put them in the lead with less than 5 minutes left. But for that it’s 4th and about 12 at the 20. Howcome Florida always owns the refs? Could it be that they always play in the State of Florida? They played in their home state 10 of 13 games this season. Senator, tell us all again that where you play the game doesn’t mean anything.


  7. Ausdawg85

    Hard to understand why McGarity would schedule creampuffs as far out as 2020


  8. 69Dawg

    Herbie just said on the Cowherd show that the Big 10 should just not say anything for the next 5 years cause that’s how far they are behind the SEC.


  9. Tenn_Dawg

    I agree with the poster above that McGarity could have made the exact same comment concerning Georgia’s performance over the last couple of years against the better SEC teams.

    I have a question for you all…..how comfortable can Richt be with McGarity being his boss? Seriously think about it..McGarity comes from a program that has won two NCs and appeared in three SECCGs in the last five years while Georgia has been stinking up the joint. He comes from a program that has “OWNED” Richt and Georgia. He helped hire a coach (Urban) that has given Richt the business almost every time they played. Now McGarity has to babysit Richt with daily meetings to help him come up with ways to pull the program out of the ditch. I would be embarrased to show my face around BM given the program and results McGarity is accustom to versus the crap he has witnessed this year.


  10. Texas_Dawg

    2007-2010 signings

    Alabama – 113
    Michigan State – 88

    Mississippi State – 113
    Michigan – 93

    Georgia – 86

    The SEC West schools are thoroughly embarrassing institutions. UGA being associated with these extremely unethical groups drags down its brand and reputation as well.

    Jim Delany, yuk, yuk, yuk. Whatever.

    The SEC West is a fonking joke.


  11. Will Trane

    Now if ESPN will uncouple its partnership with the Big 10. How many times have you seen any former SEC guys on came day. Three fourths of those guys are Big 10 rooters…all the way to the bowls…and then it is not New Years Day, it is Ground Hog Day for the them.
    Last comment about the Liberty Bowl. Came within an eyelash of not watching it. Told myself, they will play solid and lights-out, but in my heart I knew it would be like all season. And it was.
    Our only hope now is McGarity. He is not that removed from a premier football program which he saw for over a decade. I thinks he clearly sees the problems and the issues. It disturbs me greatly that he wants to keep CMR. Sorta gets close to that “good old boy” fraternity at UGA. Here is my message to him. Call CMR and tell him to forget another one of his gimmicks like “putting together a Dream Team” [you remember the running on the field & black head gear & trousers in Jax]. Tell him he has a better idea…I’m putting together a “Dream Coaching Staff”.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The only explanation for the Boise contract is McGarity giving CMR enough rope to hang himself. Why else would the UGA AD want to schedule a team that is at the top of college football to play a UGA team that is second-rate? If he was really trying to help CMR weather the storm he would have dropped Louisville ( who probably would have beaten the Dawgs) and replaced that game with another directional school. I think Adams is really behind all this. Personally I would rather they (McGarity and Adams) just pulled the plug on CMR immediately rather than drag this out another year. There also may be a difference between Adams and McGarity on this. If you will recall the history, Adams took it upon himself to summarily dump Donnan. It may be that McGarity already wants to get rid of CMR but Adams wants to play it closer to the vest. Give CMR a chance to really screw up, then drop the hammer. It gives cover to Adams politically and we all know Adams is really a politician, not an educator.


      • MT

        I don’t think McGarity has the time in the AD chair to pull the big trigger of firing a 2-time conference championship winning, 10 yr tenured coach within the first 6 months of his reign.

        Granted, McGarity could, but in reality the Dawg fanbase overall is probably a bit more mixed on the prospects of firing Richt than your average blog commenter. Boise is and will be a litmus test for the Bulldog Joe fan; people may be able to argue about the ‘merits’ of losing to a resurgent Gamecock team, but no one in the South can stomach losing to the Idaho Smurfs in anything non-potato related.

        Remember that blogs are for the more vocal and ‘leading edge’ fan in general; I don’t think anyone could make an argument that a sampling of comments from UGA blogs equals a sampling of the entire Bulldawg nation.


  12. Olddawg55

    “Mr College Football” had, for a change, a good article on what Mark Richt should do..and NOW! I hope all you “fans” have the good sense to realize you don’t fire a coach of Richt’s caliber without allowing him this chance. We all loved him..when winning..and he’s the same man who’s let circmstances tilt him off course. Any good boss..and McGarrity’s a good one..will have a “back to Jesus” sit down with CMR and say “this is what has to happen”..or I’ll have to let you go. I think Richt will see reality has reared its head and cut and chop till he gets down to Bulldog Basic. I truly believe that this time next year all of you will say, “Thank God we kept him aboard”. I’m and old man who’s weathered many a storm and had good people and poor performers work for me..to include coaching..and admit it’s hard to look a friend in the eye and say “you’ve got to go”. BUT, I’ve done it and had good times return. I believe you’ll see that happen in a McG/CMR sitdown..and the Dawgs will be back in ’11 !!!


    • Tenn_Dawg

      If he knew what was wrong or how to fix it he would have done it by now. We have heard the same BS from him since his “we are going to get Georgia back” speech after the 2008 loss to Tech. I believed in him back then and had faith in him back then. I trusted him after 2009. however we have seen the same type of up and mostly down play for four out of the last five years. Now he just justifies his poor record by telling us there are other things more important issues in life….which is true but he is paid very well to compete for championships and I am not talking about the Fulmer Cup.

      Can you honestly tell me you have confidence in Georgia being able to beat Boise St and USCe to open the season? I have ZERO confidence that we can even hang with Boise. I can’t believe that I typed that…but that goes to show how low the Georgia program has dropped. The program is so low a fricking kicker is even saying we have serious issues.
      The bowl loss was terrible but watching the performances of the other SEC teams against quality opponents made it worse. Heck watching a team in purple pants with a toad on their helmet is much more exciting now.


    • Tenn_Dawg

      One more thing…you mentioned a coach of Richt’s caliber. What caliber is that? The caliber with BVG or the caliber w/o BVG. Seeing where the two men sit currently it is starting to become painfully obivous who was probably most responsible for the majority of Georgia’s early success. Shit if Richt’s offenses would have been on par with BVG defenses Georgia would probably have two NCs in that time frame.

      Trust me…I was on the give the man a chance wagon after 2008, 2009 and teetering on the edge after this season. However I was expecting him to coach and have the players ready to play the game of their lives in Memphis given the time allowed to prepare and the opportunity to unite the fans and program going into recruiting home stretch and next season. Instead we all witnessed that stinker of a performance.


  13. ScoutDawg

    OK, Olddawg you sold me. Richt has earned one more year. Too bad next year we won’t have the balls to bring the Dread Pirate in if Richt can’t get it turned around.