If nothing else, Fox Sports knows how to stay on message.

Listening to last night’s Cotton Bowl broadcast, I couldn’t help but think how comforted the Pac-10/12 suits must be knowing that Fox will be there to educate the audience for their championship game about the NFL.


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8 responses to “If nothing else, Fox Sports knows how to stay on message.

  1. Boro Dawg

    Nothing really here about Fox…but did you happen to notice how LSU completely dominated the line of scrimmage after the 1st quarter? You think UGA could have done that? Hummm…kinda shows where the Dawgs are right now.


  2. CDB

    How about Daryl Johnston saying LSU never faces 3-4 defenses in the SEC. What does Alabama run again??


    • Regular Guy

      I noticed that too, it was the first thing he said when LSU got the ball, “LSU doesn’t see this (3-4 D) in the SEC”. Guess ‘Bama ran a 4-3 in the one game that they played LSU this year.


  3. Sean Glennon's Jersey

    Agreed. Fox college football broadcasts are nauseatingly condescending.


  4. TomReagan

    Staying on message is an absolute requirement with any Fox division.


  5. Russ

    Well it’s a good thing they explained it all to me, because I was pretty sure I’d tuned into an NFL-Europe game, or I missed the message on the NFL expansion. I kept wondering “where is the two-minute warning?” And then, when the LSU defensive back slipped, but no one touched him, I kept screaming for him to get up and run! Thank goodness Fox was there to tell me the difference between NFL and college.


  6. Nate Dawg

    You know, though, on a slightly different more positive note, I thought it was pretty classy how they still included Pat Summerall to interview Jim Brown and then also in some of the commercial/Ad work. Some guy’s voices just instantly make you think “football”, Munson, Micheals, and certainly his.
    I was 6 yrs old when the Dawgs beat Texas in the ’84 Cotton Bowl. Does anyone know if Summerall happened to call that game on TV? Just wondering…


  7. Scott

    At least Fox Sports is not buying into the “Cam and Auburn” are innocent of any wrongdoing. Thayer Evans has dine a great job covering the scandal. Check out the latest: