Too much barbeque

Andy Staples makes a compelling case for the argument that the roots of college football dominance can be found south of the Mason-Dixon Line, where the best defensive linemen grow up.  He has some guidance for coaches out west and up north:

… So what’s a coach from a less fertile area to do? First, he should develop a taste for barbecue. The best is found in the states that produce elite defensive linemen.

Come to think of it, that’s good culinary advice no matter what line of work you’re in.


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25 responses to “Too much barbeque

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    All states with good defensive linemen have good barbeque, but not all states with good barbeque have good defensive linemen. North Carolina’s barbeque is a good as any, but . . .

    Harkens back to my favorite syllogism: all painters are drunks but not all drunks are painters.

    • Macallanlover

      Bar B Que is a regional/personal preference for sure. That said, I lived in NC for over 20 years and I think they should allow lawsuits for those places even calling that concoction BBQ. Absolutely the worst state for BBQ joints I have ever lived in (and that includes PA.) Attended a couple of pick pickings that were decent, but the minced-to-hell pork, offered with clear vinegar sauce and red cabbage that is served as “NC BBQ” is not fit for canines, much less real Dawgs. Went many years without being in a BBQ place in the North State and I am someone who stops in BBQ places along the road 20 minutes after eating just to make sure I try every place looking for the “perfect cue”. Tried two new ones this week.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      Interstate, Corky’s and Rendezvous are surely in the barbecue pantheon, but Tennessee’s high school football? Not so much.

  2. Know One Knows You're a Dawg

    Whooee wow. Staples’ expert gets close to Jimmy the Greek territory with his explanation as to the success of African American and Polynesian athletes on the defensive line. I’m surprised Staples (and his editors) allowed such free form speculation in the article. Hope he’s ready for the storm that’s going to hit if anyone takes notice.

  3. S.E. Dawg

    If you’re every in the small town of Lumber City GA. try Stinson’s BBQ, certainly my favorite. However, don’t blink when you go through or you’ll miss it and the town too.

  4. shane#1

    Finding a good BBQ place is like finding a good seafood place on the Fla panhandle, look for a dump with a lot of local cars and trucks outside. The worse the building looks the better the food. The health department shut down a BBQ place in East Albany a while back and I loved the owner’s comment to the Albany Herald. He said,”how in the hell do they expect a man to make good BBQ and follow all them rules?”

  5. HobnailedBoots

    Since we’re discussing BBQ, thought I’d just add that I discovered Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson for the first time last week. Wow.

  6. RomanDawg

    1 on Fresh Air in Macon. Also try Col. Poole’s BBQ in Ellijay.

    • shane#1

      I agree, I like a tart, vinegary sauce, and Fresh Air in Macon is one of my favorites. Those that like a sweeter sauce may not like it. BBQ is like religon. to each his own.

      • Macallanlover

        I like Fresh Air in Macon for a sandwich too. Not a Top contender to me, but for a location on the Interstate it is a great place to stop on my way to Savannah.

      • Reptillicide

        I’m with ya, shane. The vinegar-base is my favorite. Get ya a plate of pulled pork covered with the stuff, some bread to sop it up with… and you can not beat it.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        You guys who like the vinegary type sauce should put Lexington NC on your agenda. That’s what they live on there.

        • CLT Dawg

          or, do yourself a favor and stop at this spot before you get to Lexington…Gary’s BBQ in China Grove, NC. Some of the best around.

  7. Hobnail_Boot

    I don’t recall any elite defensive linemen coming out of Kansas City.

  8. Next time y’all are in Athens, you need Jot ‘Em Down BBQ. It’s on Macon Hwy right by the loop. Best BBQ in town, by far.
    GET their cabbage casserole. It’s like fried cole slaw. simply amazing.

  9. papadawg

    Big Al’s BBQ in Statham (between Athens and Winder) can’t be beat!

  10. OldDawg55

    I feel like a man that’s just found a stream of gold nuggets…thanks to all the bloggers who named good BBQ joints…I’m partial to the vinegar based family receipe evolved from Pat’s Place, now long gone from the Baldwin county scene…but made the best…but my receipe lives on to be passed to children who gave me male heirs! McCallanlover, I usually respect your intellect but I have found outstanding BBQ in NC…I’m a native Georgian, too…currently exiled in Alabama, where there’s no BBQ worth mentioning. Thanks again for all the tips..I travel to find good BBQ often!!

    • Macallanlover

      We will just have to disagree about NC BBQ, maybe it should have a different category as it is not even the same dish as BBQ in the rest of the South. If you are from NC, I can understand because that is what you grew up on, but there is a reason it hasn’t spread to the rest of Dixie.

      Currently in Gulf Shores/OB area of Bama. Found an excellent pulled pork sanwich at the Rib Shack across from FloraBama, and a pretty good one at Moe’s in OB. If you are in Mobile, the ribs at the Brick Pit were the best I have had anywhere, including Memphis, but the sandwich was disappointing (bread was just awful.)

  11. Wolfman

    Take the trip to Zeb’s up past Danielsville. Worth the drive, and you’ll go again.

  12. Biggus Rickus

    If you’re ever in Orlando on vacation or whatever, I recommend a visit to a place called Cecil’s. It’s Texas style BBQ, and the brisket is incredible. I also dig the baked beans with jalapenos.

  13. Hello folks,
    I knew if I chummed the water with a BBQ reference that I’d get some good under-the-radar recommendations for places to check out down the road. Now a few from me.

    In Orlando — Four Rivers Smokehouse
    In Knoxville — Dead End Barbecue
    In Tuscaloosa (Northport, actually) — Archibald’s (Dreamland is for tourists)
    And one most of you should already know: Fox Brothers in Atlanta (especially when they have the deep-fried ribs appetizer)

    As for the anthropology section of my story, I expected some blowback. It hasn’t been nearly as bad as I feared, which I think suggests we’re a little more enlightened these days. These issues are discussed all the time by academic types, but it’s taboo to talk about them in public. I tried to treat that section with as much sensitivity as possible, but I thought the anthropolgical questions were important to ask when you consider that two relatively small segments of the population (african-americans and people of polynesian descent) make up a huge percentage of the NFL’s defensive linemen.