“We don’t sell a scouting service.”

Two classic reactions to the NCAA’s crackdown, such as it is, on recruiting services.

First, there’s Scout’s Scott Kennedy’s righteous indignation:

“This more of the NCAA trying to justify more of their bloated overpaid existence by trying to regulate the stoplight traffic regulations in the middle of a drug war,” Kennedy said. “Are they seriously going to check the coaches’ wives credit cards to see if their wives subscribe? It’s absolutely ludicrous.”

Then you’ve got Tom Lemming’s moral support, tinged with self-interest:

“I think they’re trying to make sure isn’t like basketball, to do something before it gets out of hand,” Lemming said. “I think it’s good that the NCAA does stuff. I think it should do even more, as long as it doesn’t affect me.”

In both cases, it’s about what you’d expect.



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6 responses to ““We don’t sell a scouting service.”

  1. DawgPhan


    I guess I need to get some more info on this situation…did the NCAA really ban coaches wives from rivals?


  2. simpl_matter

    Let’s see, the NCAA can’t enforce the existing, established rules SOoo, they explicitly extend them to include an area where any first-grader could figure out a fool-proof way to avoid detection. It’s the internet, paid content is one Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C away from any of us.

    The first dumbass that gets caught (please don’t be Mark Richt, please don’t be Mark Richt) shouldn’t be allowed to wear big-boy pants.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I subscribe to the Georgia Rivals site. While they’re often right about the recruiting tidbits that they throw out there, they’re often also wrong. If a football coach doesn’t have a method of getting information about recruits both about their abilities and where they’re leaning other than Rivals, they’re in trouble. The fact that the NCAA can’t tell the difference between Rivals.com and a guy with a stable of athletes taking several grand and having most of his athletes ending up at Oregon is a freaking joke. Everything that the NCAA’s said or done in public in the last year and a half or so has sounded like a sucking chest wound… not a good situation, and an indicator that the organization’s death might be right around the corner.

    Telling a coach what publications he can or can’t view or subscribe to seems wrong to me.


  4. 69Dawg

    Am I the only one that thinks the NCAA is just a mirror of our government. We have so many laws on the books that there are not enough law enforcement officers to enforce them yet the congress constantly passes new laws that they know will not be enforced merely to say they have done something. The NCAA is the same, we can’t enforce the rules we have on the books now but we are catching heck for the way the game is going Wild West and instead of enforcing they are legislating. We are, as a country and CFB fans, screwed.




  6. At least that is what Nostradamus prophesied about 500 years ago.