Kiffin watch: misty water-colored memories

The NCAA got the Urnge band back together this past weekend and that gave Junior the chance to reminisce.

… Kiffin, who met with reporters upon his exit earlier Saturday afternoon, said he spoke with Hamilton, who hired him to replace Phillip Fulmer in December of 2008.

“I just wanted to make sure I said to him what I said before in the statement,” Kiffin said. “I feel really, really bad for him. It’s an unfortunate situation. I enjoyed him being my boss, and I think he’s a great man.”

Translation:  he was the best enabler I ever worked for.

By the way, has anybody noticed that the two ADs who hired the Laner to be their head coach are no longer in their positions?  Whatever else you can say, I doubt that was part of the plan.


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7 responses to “Kiffin watch: misty water-colored memories

  1. Doug

    Of course Kiffykins appreciates Hamilton — without Mike he never would’ve been in position for the USC job.


  2. heyberto

    Boy, I sure do miss those days


  3. hodgie

    By “part of the plan”, could his plan have been to get to USC? Is that what it was all along?


  4. Dude

    “I especially appreciate that he was nice enough to let us return to Knoxville to attempt to poach some recruits. I just never thought the current players would, you know, want to kill me and alert UT that Ed was telling kids to stay out of class.”

    I’d forgotten just how slimy he really is.


  5. E. Gordon Gee

    From: Gordon Gee To: Gene Smith Hey Gene. Now that Tressell’s out what do you think about us hiring that Kiffin guy from Southern Cal? He played ball with the Southern Cal administration when he was an assistant there during that Bush thing. I think he’s our kind of guy. He’ll play ball with us, too. We won’t miss a step. I got the NCAA covered. It’ll be a lot of sound and fury but in the end nothing big will happen. A few scholarships lost is all. The fix is in. It will all blow over in a couple of years and then back to business as usual. We’ve got a whole year to make up our minds about this hire so we need to cover all the angles. Email me back with your gut feeling about this. (What? I pushed the wrong button on the computer? I sent it out on a blog by mistake? A FOOTBALL BLOG!! QUICK, GET THE I.T. GUY IN HERE NOW!!!!!!)


    • Gene

      Lane is a bad driver. His wife is hot. So one out of two fits Columbus. I hear he gives a good interview, so why not? Besides, Monte and Coach O would probably like it here.