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Because I don’t think this particular horse has quit breathing yet.

In response to HP’s plea that somebody else come up with a 10 worst coaches list which is more convincing than his, I present you with Dennis Dodd’s 2011 Hot Seat Ratings.  Dodd gives Les Miles, HP’s worst coach in America, a 2.5 rating.  I found 15 coaches on Dodd’s list with a higher rating than Miles’ (not to mention a bunch more with the same 2.5 rating).

So, let’s make this Vox Populi time.  Whose list do you find more credible?


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Envy and jealousy: header of the day

Well played, David Glenn and staff.  Well played, indeed.


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He’s not a psychiatrist, although he plays one on the web.

Nothing like reading a post (h/t MrSEC.com) from a guy doing his best Freud impression about a man with whom he’s never carried on a detailed conversation.

Is Will Newton an ass?  Well, it’s a hunch of mine and it actually does not seem that farfetched.


UPDATE:  Of course, there’s always the possibility that Richt can channel his spirituality into the football program in a meaningful way, Sigmund.


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“That’s why I’ve always wanted him around.”

Butch Davis and John Blake – Butch and “Black Santa” – go way back together.  Waaay back.

… Davis, 60, has known — and trusted — Blake, 51, for nearly 40 years. They first met during Blake’s sophomore year of high school in Sand Springs, Okla., a suburb outside of Tulsa. Davis was Blake’s biology teacher.

“He made such an impression on me that I still remember exactly where he sat in my class when he was 15 years old,” Davis told the Tulsa World in 2009. “That’s John Blake. He has a gift when it comes to relationships.”

And yet somehow the NCAA allowed itself to be convinced that in one teeny, tiny area of malfeasance – selling college athletes to professional agents – Davis was completely blindsided by what his old friend was up to, despite the publicity Blake received after he was canned by Oklahoma more than a decade ago.

… After Blake’s firing in November 1998, The Oklahoman reported “it was widely known” that Blake went to work in the agent business and Oklahoma officials privately were angry that Blake attempted to contact Sooners players in that role.

“Through the process, I sacrificed a whole lot and took a whole lot of negative things,” Blake told The New York Times two years ago. “But if it’s for one man to gain the glory, then I’ll just accept it. That’s fine with me.”

The NCAA, where every coach is encouraged to find his inner Sargeant Schultz.


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Out of the mouths of basketball coaches

Holy Mother of Crap, John Calipari, I think you’re on to something:

… In Calipari’s deal, you would create a new division with 64 or 72 schools from the big conferences inside that division would be four super conferences consisting of 16-or-18 teams. These super conferences would be based on geography with the West (Pac-12, Big 12), North (Big Ten, Big East), East (ACC, Big East) and South (SEC, Big 12).

In football, those teams would play in a playoff within their own league with the four winners advancing to a semifinals of a football championship. All other teams would play in traditional bowls.

Works for me.

I wonder if this is something he’s prepared to push to draw attention to it, or if (dare I hope?) it reflects on some level a certain conventional wisdom on the part of his peers.  Obviously, it’s little more than a pipe dream unless Slive, Delany, et al. are willing to give it any consideration, but at least Calipari’s not some unshaven guy typing posts in his mom’s basement.


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