Because I don’t think this particular horse has quit breathing yet.

In response to HP’s plea that somebody else come up with a 10 worst coaches list which is more convincing than his, I present you with Dennis Dodd’s 2011 Hot Seat Ratings.  Dodd gives Les Miles, HP’s worst coach in America, a 2.5 rating.  I found 15 coaches on Dodd’s list with a higher rating than Miles’ (not to mention a bunch more with the same 2.5 rating).

So, let’s make this Vox Populi time.  Whose list do you find more credible?


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26 responses to “Because I don’t think this particular horse has quit breathing yet.

  1. bba

    You’re seriously gonna make me vote for dennis dodd? I’m going Brewster and voting “none of the above.”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why HP’s list has to be better! Didn’t you know he’s the first blogger to recognize the rise of the spread offense. He said so.

    PS: Dodd didn’t even give the Zooker his hottest rating, so I’m abstaining too.


  3. JasonC

    First, the two list are definitely different in that one is the “Worst Coaches” and the other is the “Hottest Seat Coaches”. But the one that I agree with most is Dodd’s, although I think people are a little hard on P. Wulf. I mean, Wazzu has sucked for years now and Wulf hasn’t really been there that long.


    • I don’t think you get a high ranking on a Hot Seat list if you’ve been doing a good job.


    • Doug

      Agree with JasonC that you’re kind of comparing apples and oranges there — a “worst coaches” list isn’t the same as a “hottest seats” list, our own head coach being a case in point. It’d be hard for any of us to just summarily brand Richt a bad coach, but his seat has certainly gotten toasty.

      But Dodd at least deserves some credit for having put some actual thought into his hot-seat rankings, so I’ll give him that edge. HP, meanwhile, appears to have done the same thing with his “Worst Coaches” list that he did with his “Gang of Six”: Pick out a few names on the highly arbitrary basis of how much he likes (or doesn’t like) their style, then gerrymander some dubious, complicated criteria after the fact and declare that it all makes perfect sense.


      • Interestingly, though, Richt makes both HP’s list and Dodd’s list of coaches with hotter seats than Miles.


        • That’s where I think Dodd makes more sense than HP. No one in their right mind should be able to say that Richt is a bad coach. Has he made some bad decisions that appear to have put him on the hot seat? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that someone who’s accomplished as much as Richt has can’t coach.

          There are a few jobs where you can actually do a fine job and still end up on the hot seat. (See: Dame, Notre) And a coach who had several excellent season and then falls on hard times can also end up on hot seat. The lists aren’t the same thing. Then again, that doesn’t mean that HP’s list isn’t asinine, because it is.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    How bad do you have to be that Dennis Dodd seems better? I didn’t even think it was possible.


  5. Gravidy

    I agree with your sentiment, Senator, but I refuse to vote for Dennis Dodd. I just don’t have it in me.


  6. Senator, Why don’t you come up with your OWN list? And I challenge you to do so without looking at your Phil Steele so you can find the name of the guy who coaches Akron, or any other crappy program.

    Finally, I know this is all in good fun. But keep in mind that this list is on College Football Pundit. Could you at least give credit–or invective–where credit is due?

    Thanks bud!


    • I could refer to you as the Blogger Formerly Known as Heisman Pundit, if that would help. 😉

      As for a ranked list, weirdly enough for a blogger, I’m not really that big on compiling ’em, although if you want to see one I’m largely in agreement with, you could check out Doug Gillett’s.

      If you want something provocative from me, though, how about this: if I had to rank all 120 D-1 coaches from best to worst, I’d rank Miles ahead of every coach in the Pac-12 except for Kelly and maybe Whittingham.


    • Stoopnagle

      Don’t worry. His readership knew the source of the list in question.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Well, he is man pundit.