And, yes, I do think the word means what I think in means when it comes to what James Franklin is doing on the recruiting trail right now.

… That work could pay off on Friday when three players announce their college decision. Wide receiver Cory Batey, offensive lineman Andrew Jelks and running back Brian Kimbrow are all expected to choose Vanderbilt when they announce their decisions in Nashville. That would push Vanderbilt’s commitment total to 11 prospects for 2012.

Kimbrow, who’s ranked the No. 1 prospect in the state of Tennessee by, would be Vanderbilt’s highest-rated commitment for the 2012 class.

“I’m just looking for somewhere that’s comfortable for me,” Kimbrow told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “Someplace that’s a good fit.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t expect to see Vanderbilt rocket up to the top of the recruiting rankings any time soon.  But just becoming a persistent in state irritant to Tennessee would be a staggering development.  And if that forces Derek Dooley to reallocate time, effort and energy in response, I don’t see how that’s anything but good news for Georgia.


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  1. JG Shellnutt

    You’ve fallen short to one of the classic blunder. The most well known is this: never get involved in a land war in asia. But only slightly less well known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Very few D1 players in Tennessee to begin with and Dooley is losing them to Vandy of all places. A few more subpar Vandy seasons and Franklin won’t be looking so great. He has to win now or everyone will say it’s just the sam old Vandy again.

  3. Lrgk9

    Even Ga Tech gets a player now and again. Where does Kimbrow’s Momma work?

  4. Spence

    Something stinks at Vandy. This is several good recruits they’ve pulled and that does not happen.

    • WH

      The stink in Vandy is actually just wafting over from Knoxville. Think about it: UT is WAY down, their entire Athletic department is being eyed for NCAA compliance and they’ve had 3 coaching changes between football and basketball in the last 2 years. There’s not much talent in the state (practically none compared to Georgia and Florida) and some kids just want to go to school close to home or in their home state. Vandy will “feast” until UT gets their act together.

      May they be burrs under each other’s saddle for many years.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    I gotta tell ya, outside of the football stadium and the lack of football tradition, Vanderbilt really would be attractive to me as an in-state kid. First test: Do I want to live in Nashville or Knoxville? Second test: How high is the bar set to become an all-time living legend at the school? Third test: Will I get national exposure? Fourth test: (for me, not for every athlete, obviously): What kind of education am I going to get?

    I think Nashville > Knoxville is a no brainer. You’ve got a real opportunity to be a legend at Vanderbilt if you’re part of the team that does something special there. The SEC’s expanded TV contract means that you’re going to be on regional TV or at the very least every time you play inside of an SEC stadium, and when Vandy actually put together a hot start a few years ago, College Gameday was on campus. And, if you can hack the academics, you’re going to be in a better position with a degree from Vanderbilt University than the University of Tennessee if you blow your knee senior year. I’m not sure I’d choose Vandy if I had the bright lights of State U coming after me, but I can certainly see why somebody would.

    • Sanford222View

      One big negative against Vanderbilt is the fact that the same organization that oversees intramural basketball also oversees the football program. It still blows my mind they do not have an athletic department. I think it is great the greater emphasis is on academics there but dissolving your athletic department?

      • That hasn’t seemed to slow Vandy’s basketball and baseball programs down as of late, though.

        • Sanford222View

          Very true and a good point. I would think it would not hamper the basketball program as much because it takes fewer high caliber athletes to elevate the program. You can have one or two marquee players greatly impact the success of the team in basketball. It takes more talent across the board in football to be successful and that requires more resources for recruiting I would think.

          I don’t really have an explanation for baseball except maybe its because the mindset of college baseball players is different since it isn’t as high a profile sport and most of the best baseball talent gets drafted to the professional ranks straight out of high school. The lure of a quality education may be more enticing to the college baseball recruit as they are less likely to be looking for an avenue to the pros than basketball and football thus the resources needed aren’t as critical for a baseball program?

      • TennesseeDawg

        Vandy is good in most everything but football and that has a lot to do with the lack of talent in Tennessee.

      • Robbie Man

        Looks like Gee is now dismantling his next Athletic Department at Ohio State!

  6. Normaltown Mike

    In other good news for Dawg fans, Heath Shuler is being considered for AD at UT. Oh please oh please oh please!

  7. Recruiting competition at home is always good news for a division rival.

  8. If it makes UT spend just 1% more of their time trying to keep in state recruits home instead of coming south into Georgia I am all for it.

  9. Dog in Fla

    so this is how he’s doing it

    Every school, you’re going to leave there thinking they’ve got great academics. They don’t. Go on US News and World Report and look it up yourself.” Currently, Vanderbilt stands at No. 17. That’s behind FBS brethren Stanford (No. 5), Duke (No. 9) and Northwestern (No. 12) but miles ahead of the next three SEC schools, which come it at No. 53 (Florida), No. 56 (Georgia) and No. 79 (Alabama).”

  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    DIF I understand your point but disagree that it is “miles.” Actually in the “Best Public” category FLA is number 17 and UGA is number 18, so academically things are actually pretty good in Gainesville and Athens. Any top recruit who wants to play football for Vandy or Duke over UGA and FLA because of academics only is making a serious mistake IMO. Playing for a perennial loser is no bed of roses and if you had a chance to play for a winner and still get a first rate education there is really no choice. I do not think the kids that are being signed by Vandy are even on the first 5 pages of UGA’s/FLA’s recruit list. In short, Franklin might be saying that but the kids we really want wouldn’t be buying it.