Tuesday morning buffet

What the hell… it beats a bran muffin, right?


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6 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Scott W.

    Good thing that the Palmetto state legislators are focused on the right things and not their lagging education rankings. Reminds me of the time Georgia was making sweet tea the official state beverage.


  2. 69Dawg

    As bad as we handle the total scholarship numbers we don’t have to worry about probation. Heck the NCAA wouldn’t get us down that many if we paid the players.

    Are the Walk-on scholarships for one year or once CMR giveth he never taketh away.


    • AnalysisDawg

      I think CMR does both with the walk-on scholarships. Some he gives for the remainder of their time at UGA and some are just one year deals. In my opinion, promising anything more than a year is stupid. You need those the next year to get more talent into the program.

      Would it be nice to be able to reward the walk-ons like that? Sure. But we can’t afford it when other schools are not only not doing that but they are also accounting for attrition (which we don’t do) and oversigning (which we don’t do either).


    • Bulldog Joe

      There are two groups of programs in the SEC. Those who are in it to win and those who are in it for other reasons.

      Fortunately for the first group, Georgia is in it for other reasons.


      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, wouldn’t we be proud to have the morals of the abusers? Maybe that is what UGA should stand for to you, but it will never be for me. If so you might be more comfortable being a Bama fan. I mean they have just dominated the SEC haven’t they? And they have such national respect for the way they handle things. Ethics and integrity still mean something to many of us.


  3. Given the expansion/ realignment issues we’re experiencing I think that the SC legislator is actually right in anticipating this problem. The way UGA has dominated lately don’t be surprised if GT uses a 9 game schedule as an excuse not to play,and therefore lose, to UGA. And while there are more important issues,given the amount of dollars each state pumps into their State University and trade-schools they should be able to at least require that they play each other.