How much is a groundswell worth, anyway?

I’m sure you’re a surprised as I am to learn that Bill Hancock has been named the executive director of Son-of-BCS.

Which begs the question – given the man’s effortless ability to pump out gallons of swill about the postseason, how long before he backtracks on this?

What has changed that now it seems like at the very least you guys will take this under serious consideration or more serious consideration?
“Oh that’s a good question. I think about this a lot and I think we have to be careful to read too much into what’s happening here. This is very preliminary and we are a long way from making any kind of decisions and I do not sense any groundswell for a large – that being 8 or 16 team playoff…”


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3 responses to “How much is a groundswell worth, anyway?

  1. I bet Bill Hancock calls Mark Shurtleff every few hours, bursts into laughter when he answers, and when Mark hangs up, Bill texts pictures of himself lying on large stacks of cash with a shit-eating grin on his face. Well, if he doesn’t, he should.


  2. ChilliDawg

    Right up until the time the networks back up a truck full of cash… I’m sorry, is that property in Hahira still available???