At offensive line, there are worse problems to have.

Chip Towers explores the offensive line’s future in the wake of Kolton Houston’s reinstatement.

Needless to say, both tackle positions are up in the air.  Houston’s not game ready, Theus has to recover fully from that foot injury, Ward at 278 pounds looks to be too light to handle the SEC trench wars, and Gates and Beard are better suited to play at guard.

But this sure beats the situation we Dawg fans have been accustomed to.  There looks to be some real depth this season.  Yeah, I know, pinch yourselves.

Which is why I find the editorial comment in the header a bit puzzling.  Bobo and Friend are going to start the best five.  There’s nothing delicate about that task… unless it’s the part about getting used to having some real choices to make.


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22 responses to “At offensive line, there are worse problems to have.

  1. bulldawg17

    Worst case scenerio this year is that we start the exact same 5 on the OL that were good enough to help our team to the highest scoring offense in team history and had us one play from playing for a national title. If someone else earns a starting spot it means they beat out someone with a full year of starting experience under their belt. That is a pretty great problem to have.


  2. RP

    When Bobo gets a fresh copy of the o-line depth chart his head is going to explode.


  3. WH

    An “editor” pretty much always writes the headlines. The AJC: Where even astonishingly good news for Georgia can be spun to sound like a challenge.


  4. Matt b.

    Ward and Houston are the same weight. You say Ward is smallish, but how much can Houston gain in a month?


    • Houston’s weight isn’t the biggest concern right now.

      Besides that, Ward’s comes as a result of a significant weight drop, whereas Houston’s been maintaining a fairly consistent weight, as I understand it.


      • Ward also stretches that weight out over a longer frame than Houston. Still, we have talent, depth, and a competition for jobs. I can’t remember the last time the OL outlook was this good.


  5. Otto

    Houston will take some time to get to game speed which will be just fine, the OL always gets a little dinged up even on a good year.

    I’m glad to him back but I’m rather peeved he only gets 2 years, the NCAA was the reason he didn’t play IMO he should atleast get another medical red shirt yr.


  6. uglydawg

    Depth on the OL helps in so many ways. In a particular game, you can push the defense to exhaustion late in the game if you have stud running backs…remember how Worley and Hampton and Tate would just rip off yards on every carry in the fourth quarter,.,demoralizing and wearing out the defense? Man, I’d love to see things that way again and I think we might be about to. As the season wears on and everyone is dinged and bruised up, having that depth means you can still be strong in the late season wars. With these running backs, the passing game, a very servicable line with some depth, and a senior QB who can run a little bit too, we can throw out the cool-aid and break out the Wild Turkey.


  7. Mean Machine

    So, we’re 16 deep on the O-line? Doesn’t seem delicate to me in the least. Not too long ago we had to move a Defensive Tackle back to the O-line after two years on defense because we only had 8 guys who could play. That, was delicate.


  8. Keese

    What will become even more interesting is when guys like Kublanow show up for fall camp. He’s too good not to get snaps this year


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    O-line play is about cohesiveness more than anything else. You can put a bunch of guys out there that are good individually but if they don’t “gel” as a unit………


    • RocketDawg

      Annnnnnnddd The “Mayor” can also make any positive into a negative. Sure you don’t write headlines for the AJC?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Not a negative, just a fact. By the end of the season last year’s O-line was pretty damn good. Why screw with it? If you substitute it should be a complete second unit running on the field and only staying out there long enough to rest the first-teamers. If that’s where they are going I’m all for it.


  10. Wait!! Chip Towers is a writer?!?!?!?


  11. The only problem is that someone well end up with hurt feelings. Thing is…they’re still gonna get good PT. Must not be TOO much to worry about in Athens if the AJC is having to reach like this.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Is it a foregone conclusion Ward or Houston are too light to play OT? Won’t we be playing defenses that use OLBs to rush the passer, or small-ish DEs? Perhaps a lighter (and hopefully quicker) OT could work in those situations. There’s probably 4 games on our schedule where a 270 OT will likely outweigh the opposing DE/OLB by 50 lbs.

    Oh, and chip towers sucks! At least that’s what the ajc-nation is saying – with their wallets.