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The downside to a decided schematic advantage

Charlie Weis is a born salesman.

Honestly, the surprise isn’t that the arrogant ass said that.  It’s that somebody keeps paying the arrogant ass to coach.



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“We want one. I want one. Our fans want one.”

Who said that about what?


UPDATE:  Here’s the tape.


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Yes, this is going to work out well.

If this is any indication, the flags are going to be flying in the first week of games.

I assume we’ll have an SEC crew for the Clemson game, so there’s that, at least.

But he’s not the only one expressing that point of view.  Here’s the former Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira:

Come September, I can’t wait to hear Mark Emmert’s take on the first wave of suspensions.


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“We can only go as fast as they let us.”

First time I’ve seen Georgia put into this camp:

Auburn is returning to the no-huddle under former offensive coordinator turned head coach Gus Malzahn, and fellow believers, Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin and Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze, are in Year 2 at their programs. In the SEC East, Kentucky and Tennessee join Missouri and Georgia as teams that are going to go as fast as possible. That’s half of the 14-team SEC pushing the tempo each Saturday.

The author’s reasoning seems to be based on this:

Going fast has had a direct relationship to a team’s success, with the notable exceptions of Alabama and LSU. When Auburn won the national championship in 2010, Malzahn called a league-best 948 plays. A year later, Georgia won the SEC East in part because it ran 1,016 plays. Texas A&M led the league in 2012, and while the Aggies did not win the SEC West, they did beat Alabama.

Yes, Alabama and LSU are certainly notable exceptions, seeing as those two have won four of the last six conference titles (not to mention a few national titles sprinkled in there).  But I digress.  Total plays are a weak reed to hang your speed argument on, seeing as there are significant factors such as number of games played and turnover margin that affect the number of plays a team runs.  Georgia, for example, as part of playing a fourteen-game schedule, ran 85 plays in the 2011 SECCG, something that contributed mightily to that 1,000+ play total mentioned.

That’s not to say the Dawgs don’t run fast break no-huddle.  Of course they do.  But Bobo doesn’t run it as routinely as others.  Although given this stat, you could argue that maybe he should think about running it more often.


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Envy and jealousy: bark, bark

Andy Staples, with a nice pile on about the Antonio Morrison arrest:

Surely, defense-attorney-to-the-Gators Huntley Johnson will argue handcuffing and booking a 19-year-old for unauthorized canine interaction is a bit overzealous. Johnson likely will argue Morrison, already on the hook for two ride-alongs, simply wanted to have another meaningful dialogue with a law enforcement officer. According to Deputy William Arnold’s report, Morrison explained later that he barked only after Bear barked at him. Arnold was not sufficiently moved by Morrison’s reasoning.

I expect to see the fruits of a creative Dawgnation on display in Jacksonville this year.  In the meantime, that’ll do.


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This is what happens when College Football Live runs out of original subject matter.

Brock Huard“Can Jeff Driskel be what Johnny Manziel was a year ago?”

C’mon, man.


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Can’t take your eyes off him.

Hackish lede of the weekend:

Unlike Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, MTSU quarterback Logan Kilgore has taken advantage of his invitations to be a counselor at the prestigious Manning Passing Academy.

So, while the Texas A&M quarterback was making national news for being dismissed from camp for reportedly sleeping late and missing assignments, it was Kilgore who joined 120 or so counselors in working with some 1,200 high school quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end prospects from around the country from July 11-14.

Geez, I can think of plenty of other ways in which Kilgore and Manziel will not be alike.  Give it a rest, okay?


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Some other team’s concussion

Remember this startling observation from a former Georgia trainer?

Turns out something got lost in translation.

A former Georgia assistant football trainer who told the NCAA in an email that athletes returned to games after concussions said in an interview he was referring to opposing teams during his career and not anyone that played for Georgia.

Dean Crowell told the Athens Banner-Herald on Sunday night: “Let me be clear about that. It was not one of my athletes and it was not one of my athletes at UGA. It was just a personal observation I had seen during my career. …It wasn’t someone on a team at an institution that I was working at. It was an opponent.”

Crowell worked at Georgia during the 2007-09 football seasons. He was also an athletic trainer at North Carolina (2003-07), Rutgers (2001-03) and Dartmouth (2000-01).

Minor detail, that.  And good job by Weiszer ferreting that out.

By the way, another reason the NCAA needs to be nervous about where this concussion stuff may be going is that there are signs the NFL may throw college football under the bus as part of a deliberate strategy to defend itself in its concussion litigation.  Nice.


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