Another clue to the new defense

The offensive players can’t seem to shake off Ramik Wilson this spring.  Todd Gurley gives one reason:

“Linebackers are more close,” he said. “They’re like three yards away so it’s like so hard. Like leads or zones, you’ve really got to press your track to get them boys flowing just to get the line to block them because if not then they’re going to be right there on you.”

It’s aggressive.  It also puts a lot of pressure on the linebackers to make solid tackles and on the players in the secondary to make sure they’re spaced properly behind the linebackers.  Seeing as these have never been strong suits of recent Georgia defenses, at least not on a consistent basis, it sure sounds like the defense is going to be living in interesting times this season.

Hoping for a short learning curve…



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13 responses to “Another clue to the new defense

  1. reipar

    I am wondering if this year is going to be a feast or famine situation as the players not only learn the system, but as we also recruit different players for the system. I could see us just out athleting some teams and stopping them all day long, but against most of our competition there will be a lot of stops mixed in with some big offensive plays that leave us shaking our heads. Here is to hoping those big offensive plays become fewer and fewer as the season goes on.


    • There’s be some of that. But nothing like we’ve been used to. I’ll be shocked if it’s ANYTHING like what it’s been for most of the last 9 seasons.


  2. “Linebackers are more close,” he said. “They’re like three yards away so it’s like so hard …”

    Oh no. You mean we’re not going to line up 5 or 6 yards deep and sit on our heels? And let the blockers come to us? Oh my goodness. “Elizabeth!! I’m comin’ to see ya, honey!!!


  3. Spike

    My nipples are getting hard.. Sorry, Senator.


  4. Timphd

    In the old system even if they made the tackle it was already five or six yards down field. Two running plays and they had a first down. Here’s hoping they can make the tackle and at least make the offense run three plays to get a first. Or of course throw a wheel route for a gain of 25.


  5. Krautdawg

    Not a bad idea in a league that just lost all its quarterbacks …


  6. Hank

    I just hope the corners follow suit.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Just improve a little and get rid of the confusion. Confusion was the problem with Willie and Todd.


  8. E dawg

    Glad the clown left