“Georgia knows what they are doing…”

Maybe this is the next step:

“Now it’s not the same excitement as if Georgia would’ve offered Jordan a long time ago, but we understand; It is what it is,” Colbert said. “Georgia knows what they are doing, and I like how they are doing it. They’ve got his cousin, Owens. They’ve offered his classmates, Fuller and Willis. And if they hire (DeVoursney), that would make a big, big difference.”

Steve DeVoursney, who resigned as Griffin’s coach last week, may apply for a quality control position at UGA, according to a couple of players.


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  1. Every successful program has to make adjustments in the way they do things. If there’s a way to do it better, then it’s wise to do it.

    Whatever impact Pruitt is having on Richt, it’s all good. Richt is smart enough to see when something’s better, and he’s not going to to something if he doesn’t like it.


  2. I’m a Griffin High graduate, my parents still live in Griffin. Lots of rumors but if what I’ve heard is true, I’d be surprised if UGA hires DeVoursney.


      • Eh, I don’t like the rumor mill, but I will tell one part of what I heard because (a) I’m confident in who I heard it from, (b) it’ll give you a pretty good hint of what was being investigated, and (c) it’ll make you chuckle.

        When one of the kids who was interviewed during the investigation was asked if he had been given the answers to a certain test, his response “Yes, but they only gave me the answers to the questions I didn’t know.”

        And yeah, the kid was serious, he thought that would somehow make it better. 🙂


      • reipar

        With this cloud around him I would be surprised if he was hired too. It is a shame too as it sounds like no hard facts came out of the investigation, but there were a lot of allegations.



        • Yep. But especially with all the stuff going on with Bauerle, I’d be real, real surprised if somebody with a similar cloud hanging over their heads was hired.


          • AthensHomerDawg

            I sure hate it about Bauerle.


            • Yeah I know. My sister’s 30th bday was this past weekend and one of her best friends that came into town to celebrate works for the University, as does her husband. Neither of of them work in the athletic dept but she said it’s all but a done deal that Bauerle is gone, they’re just going through the required motions at this point. Again, neither of them works in the AD, I don’t know how much she really knows, but she was talking like it’s already been accepted as a certainty by everyone at the University. I hope she’s wrong.


              • ClydeBoogie

                I say we go all Auburnish and give him a pass. He is one of the best coaches ever at UGA


                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  B-M may not have a choice. The NCAA can issue a “show-cause” and he’s history.


                • South FL Dawg

                  Wish he could do some sort of penance and put it in the past. I have to believe this scenario is a big temptation in college sports. In somebody’s head they are thinking they are aren’t hurting anyone and besides if you leave it to the NCAA the punishment would exceed the severity of the crime. Not saying it was right or that it should not be punished at all.


                • stuckinred

                  Jack is still listed on the team website. Until it’s official I’m holding out hope. He’s a great guy and so are the other swim coaches.


  3. So it appears as though UGA is finally getting into the high-school-coaches-as-quality-control men. I like it.


  4. Moe Pritchett

    BUT… https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/football-the-south-and-bigotry/

    sacred public trust, and if you live in the South, you know exactly what I mean.”