“To me it only makes sense.”

When it comes to the nine-game conference schedule, Auburn’s Ellis Johnson speaks truth to power.


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10 responses to ““To me it only makes sense.”

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    No, not “truth”, Ellis Johnson gives his OPINION about what is best for his employer, Auburn. Auburn doesn’t play a permanent away game every year and a home and away annual game against an in-state OOC rival. Auburn plays eight home games most years, seven at minimum. UGA struggles to get seven home games and usually only has six. If the WLOCP game becomes home and away and the Tech series is cancelled, then I would agree with him that nine SEC games would be good for Georgia, too. Until those things happen, a nine game SEC schedule puts the Dawgs at too big a disadvantage for it to be workable.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Competitive advantage is not a priority at Georgia. Money is.

      Only when the cupcake games begin to put a dent in revenue will Georgia come out in favor of the nine game conference schedule.

    • Debby Balcer

      I don’t get your argument because most season ticket holders have tickets to the WOLCP and have to travel to Athens if the game moves there. There is a special atmosphere in Jacksonville. It is worth traveling to Jackonville for that game. We can go every year if it went to a home and home series we would only see the game in person every other year. I travel to Athens and Jacksonville and yes the drive to Jacksonville is worth it.

      • Reipar

        Most who have what now? Only four people that sit around me have tickets to both and we dit visitor sideline 35 yard line lower deck. Some of us scalp and I just stay at ssi all weekend.

      • Mayor

        No offense Debbie, but as long as UGA plays in Jacksonville every year Georgia will be short 1 home game in Athens every other year. Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (or whatever they call it now) has 74,000 seats and Georgia splits those with FU. That means that 37,000 Georgia fans get to go to the WLOCP. Sanford Stadium seats about 90,000 with about 10,000 of those seats reserved for the visiting team. Do the math. About 43,000 UGA fans are cut out of seeing their team play a game every other year so the same group of elitist, entitled, other Georgia fans get their fun trip to the beach every year. As you are somebody who is harping about fairness all the time, how fair is that? We can’t have the WLOCP game in Jax every year AND play a 9 game SEC schedule AND still play major conference OOC games home and away. Period. There aren’t enough game slots to do that without sacrificing the home game schedule.

  2. Dawgaholic

    I don’t get your point Mayor. If it goes to nine, we and UF go 4-4-1 as to SEC games. We play two cupcakes at home every year and Tech every other year. That puts us at 6 or 7 home games every year. You also must be forgetting that we make more money off the WLOCP than we would off a home and home. Money wise, we would have the equivalent of 6.5-6.75 games and 7.5-7.75 games in alternate years. That this is unworkable just doesn’t make sense. Everyone but us and UF will have 5 true road games every other year.

    Further, we already play 10 BCS level teams in more years than we don’t.

    • Mayor

      You are assuming, of course, that the SEC would adopt your proposed 4-4-1 format for UGA every year. When has the SEC ever been reasonable and responsible with Georgia? The last 2 seasons Georgia has had to play Auburn at Auburn so the SEC could make the schedule work for all the other SEC teams. Tell me, with a straight face, that if it is left up to Slive and his crowd that there will not be seasons in a 9 game SEC schedule where UGA wouldn’t have 3 SEC home games, 5 SEC road games and the WLOCP game in Jax.

      • Mayor

        P.S. And don’t think UGA and FU are tied at the hip scheduling-wise. FU could very well have a 4-4-1 schedule and UGA still have a 3-5-1 schedule in the same year. It depends on how the schedule breaks for all the SEC teams.

  3. mg4life0331

    Quoting someone from Auburn about being right on something? Damn Disney Tigers

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    I just glanced at Alabama’s upcoming out of conf schedule. Look at these won loss records in 2013
    Open with West Virginia 4-8
    Florida Atlantic Owls 6-6
    Southern Miss Eagles 1-11
    Western Carolina Catamounts 2-10

    Georgia’s OOC schedule for 2014 went 11-2 (a loss) , 6-6, 10-3 and 7-6 (overtime) in 2013.
    Does anyone else think that Bammer”s cupcakes are sweeter than Georgia’s. If we go to a 9 game schedule Bama will first draw Vandy and then Kentucky. Georgia will get LSU and then Texas A&M.