Vanderbilt: second key

It ain’t rocket science.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to succeed, either.


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23 responses to “Vanderbilt: second key

  1. Baitstand

    Mason seems resigned to getting beat, one way or another.


  2. Spike

    As long as somebody, ANYBODY, beats them..


  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    We are going to see 8-9 in the box and the corners in press coverage like UT. Need to spread the field and get some play action in there. The way anyone can stop Gurley is do what SC did last year. Get a big lead early so we have to throw to get back in it. Vandy does not have the horses to get a big lead on us. They do have a nice return game and snappuh though


    • I replayed the Vols game last night… good way to gather perspective, because in the heat of the moment things always seem more skewed.

      Honestly, I didn’t think Mason played as poorly as I originally thought. He did have a significant drop off in productivity after the second INT, but during the game he had WR’s dropping balls and quite honestly in some of the series the play calling was predictable, which led to 3 and outs.

      I think Mason will bounce back this week.


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Well, if anyone can get a close win against Vandy this year, it would be Georgia. Gurley could run for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns and we’d still need a last minute goal line stand to win by 6


  5. I think Chubb is going to run for 100+ yards against Vandy. Gurley will be his usual brilliant self. Mason will bounce back.


  6. uglydawg

    I just hope, that if Georgia wins the toss, they take the ball first. This cute little idea of letting the other team have it first usually is gifting them a scripted and point rewarding first drive.


    • Macallanlover

      It actually isn’t just a “cute little idea”, it is what I see in the overwhelming majority of games I watch. Occasionally for strategic reasons you will see some teams take the ball first but most defer. I wish we would return to the days of whomever won the toss had to choose then, and the other team got the choice in the 2nd half. No second guessing there. You are going to defend against scripted plays on a team’s first drive anyway.


    • Russ

      That’s true. Other than Troy, I think we’ve kicked off to start the game and have trailed in every one.


      • PatinDC

        Yes. I would like to see the D get a stop on the first drive.
        BTW Troy would have scored on the first drive but for their own ineptness. The UGA D squared up after that.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m sure saban could explain his strategic reasons for accepting or defering the opening kick-off. Not so sure CMR could explain it in a way that would make sense – a la the Logan Gray approach.

      From a strategic standpoint, my thinking is we have 2 of the best KO returners in the nation in Gurley and McKenzie, not to mention a high scoring O. Throw in the no-huddle-hurry-up and the advantage of having a week to script the first series. Places a lot of pressure on the opponent. And it places less emphasis on making adjustments during the limited halftime break. Finally, for years now our D hasn’t been anything to write home about, and has left us as the team under pressure to score. For those reasons I believe (in most cases) we should take the opening KO if we win the toss.


      • AusDawg85

        While I think Richt is never afraid of being in the position of having to score, you would think that if he has that much confidence in his offense he would help the D out by getting a jump on the other team early. Hoping the D will establish early field position to help the O seems counter to what he thinks the team strengths really are. Odd and frustrating if this is true.

        Mark…take the damn ball first!


    • I just hope, that if Georgia wins the toss, they take the ball first. This cute little idea of letting the other team have it first usually is gifting them a scripted and point rewarding first drive.

      IMO, Richt’s strategy is correct. Getting the ball to start the second half is a very big deal, for a number of reasons. The opponent’s first drive is gonna be scripted anyway.


  7. Slaw Dawg

    Senator, thanks for bringing our focus back where it belongs: the Vandy game. I certainly hope our favorite team has been more focused on beating Vandy and less on who should start at QB, etc, than we fans have been.

    I worry about most every game from the get go, and I know Vandy often gives us fits (see last year as Exhibit A) but I think we’ll ultimately handle them this Saturday. I say “ultimately,” because any team that has a QB with an arm and a couple of guys who can catch passes is likely to make yardage and score points on our secondary. But the only way we don’t pull away big time is some sort of freak combination of turnovers, Playing While Georgia (never to be discounted), injuries and gremlins popping out of the Sanford sod.


  8. Willie knows what its like to be a Dawg.