Is it in his head? Yeah, it’s in his head.

Jeebus, Hutson.  Don’t make it easier to doubt you.

Perhaps the Georgia football team’s most telling moment of the past week occurred Tuesday. Hutson Mason was asked if he was surprised he didn’t develop a trust in another receiver besides stalwart veterans Michael Bennett and Chris Conley.

No platitudes or fakery. Mason just shook his head and said, “Not really.”

It was just as telling moments later when Mason, speaking of the expected returns of Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley, referred to “my four receivers.”

Yikes.  Is it any wonder during the first four games he seemed to lock in on his downfield targets too often?  Or why the tight ends have been little more than afterthoughts in the passing game?

It’s good timing he gets those two back today, although I doubt either sees more than a dozen plays.  On the down side, if their returns don’t light a spark for Mason, I’m not sure what will.



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  1. The question I have is, is it Mason or are the young WR’s that bad. Any answer is bad, but if the Receivers are that bad (which probably relates to route running and reads) we’re in for a tough stretch on offense.

    No matter how talented, it takes a long time for our WR’s to learn everything. AJ wasn’t really comfortable with the offense, in terms of knowing what to do at X,Y, and Z, until his 3rd year. Not sure how long it took Conley but it was at least well into his second year.

    But that is disturbing. Maybe it’s just Mason. As Bobo told him, ‘you just have to trust them, that they’ll be where they’re supposed to be, and will catch the ball’.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I have no doubt, none, that at this point in time Hutson Mason is the best guy we can have at quarterback…I think the other guys are way behind Mason in the things that MarkMike look for in a starting QB. Which in MarkMike’s offense you gotta have one, which is unfortunate.

      This afternoon is gonna be interesting (I hope interesting is the word) because my observation is that Mason is gonna have a hard time just letting it rip. I don’t think Mason is built that way. Aaron Murray could, and did, just let it rip…letting it rip is as much in the mind of Hutson Mason as having confidence in your four receivers.

      What I guess I am saying is that if Hutson Mason lets it rip, can he deal with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune the way Aaron Murray seemed to?

      Can we?????

      Ask me about 7 pm.


      • Good point. This is a big game for Mason. A very big game. Pulling hard for him to break through.

        I have no doubt, none, that at this point in time Hutson Mason is the best guy we can have at quarterback…

        Oh, me neither.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I am not sure I can even begin to imagine the pressure this kid must feel. To have the hopes and dreams, be they unrealistic or not, of a bunch of whiny-ass fans, all of whom think they know more than anybody else, riding on a decision you make in the heat of battle.

          I’m pulling for him too, and I really don’t like quarterbacks.


          • Meh. Who knows what Mason meant with “my receivers”? Maybe because they were very successful receivers and the others are still relatively unknown? Mitchell hasn’t played in 18 games, Wesley 14? They’ve never caught a Mason pass in a game.He certainly didn’t throw to them in much practice (2013 season)– he was working with the 2’s. I would suspect that he has worked a lot with the current crop of receivers. Conley caught 7 passes against Tech and 3 against Nebraska. Bennett 5 and 2. Both had similar results with Murray. It might be Murray’s shadow more than anything else. My youngest was two years behind his older brother. When the oldest graduated and the youngest moved up everyone expected him to be his older brother. Not happening. He grew bitter over the comparisons and it showed. He had an extra year to grow and enjoyed his senior year, but the oldest stopped going to his games. Just because Murray is a 5th year senior doesn’t mean he is going to play like one. He just hasn’t had the reps or the receivers.Murray wore some very big shoes. Shoes like his are hard to fill.


    • SpaceStation

      “As Bobo told him, ‘you just have to trust them, that they’ll be where they’re supposed to be, and will catch the ball’.”

      Unfortunately, if the receivers aren’t where they are supposed to be, the other team will often catch the ball


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s not the WRs. Ball is the best WR coach and recruiter we’ve had in a long, long time. When we’ve had injuries the WR subs come in and hardly miss a beat. HM’s limited arm and tendency to lock on one WR isn’t the fault of the WRs.


    • TennesseeDawg



    • I can’t buy it. His limited arm came in off the bench and threw for 200 yards in the second half when Murray went down. He threw averaged 35 passes for 300+ yards against Tech and the Corndogs(we had 98 yards rushing in that bowl). That’s not the definition of a limited arm or a kid that can’t deal with pressure.


      • .Dash

        Well that was last year. He hasn’t looked anywhere near that level this year. No one’s saying it isn’t strange.


        • I get it. And I agree it is strange. Its the why behind the strange isn’t it? So far it has been suggested that: He is a noodle arm or that He is a head case. How he played last year coming off the bench for an injured Murray and throwing 35 times for 300+ yards just doesn’t give credence to those theories. Does it? I think it is something else? Unless he turns it around soon, I don’t think we will ever really know.


          • adam

            It can’t be the receivers. These are the same WRs he had in those games minus Wooten and Lynch but we added McKenzie, Williams, Blazevich, and got Rome healthy. And Reggie Davis is much improved.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m not trashing HM, just saying our problem isn’t WRs. HM is pretty accurate on short throws and doesn’t make many mistakes. I think he gets a lot out of limited athleticism. But he needs to trust his WRs if we’re going to win the sece, and have a chance in the secc and playoff.


  3. The other Doug

    Our QB is a head case.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      It has been my observation that ALL QB’s are head cases.


      • Carlton Thomas

        Doubt Ramsey or Bauta is this much of a headcase.

        Find me a picture of Mason not looking like he’s ready to cry.

        Hopefully the future starts today after Mason slings it into the dirt a half dozen times.

        Kid isn’t a QB. He should be holding the clipboard.

        Think that’s harsh? I’ll keep a seat warm for you when we’re 5-3 and you see the light.


  4. uglydawg

    And head cases can be cured. As a baseball player gets in a hitting slump, all it takes is that one big hit to get him out of it. Remember when Steve Sachs (Dodger second baseman) couldn’t make the throw to first base because of a mental block? One long one by HM. Or one series of good throws, and his head will probably get right.
    As far as his arm strength goes, I think he has been tentative in letting it fly because he has been so worried about not getting picked off. It has looked like he’s aiming the ball as one would aim a dart.
    By the middle of this game, he may have gone one way or the other, depending on his fortunes throwing the ball. I’m hoping and betting it’s good. He didn’t get to be the starting qb at UGA because he’s got a rag for an arm. He can do it, he just needs to get his confidence going.


  5. AusDawg85

    In every game we’ve seen Jeb B., Sony, iMac, Chubb and others flat out run the wrong route or not even turn to look at a pass to them. Plus Conley and Bennett admit to missing route reads and not getting separation. But yeah, that’s 100% on Mason because he’s responsible for all our losses.

    Maybe he’ll just have a terrible game leading to a loss soon enough that it will make everyone happy and Seth can beat the drum for more controversy surrounding the team.

    I thought watching Gurley and this rushing attack (the one everyone is screaming we’re not using enough…RTDB BOBO!) would be fun this season. As long as we win I don’t care if Mason’s arm is in a sling. This whole “sooner or later we’ve got to prove we can throw deep” harping is silly. We’ve debated here for years about not wanting Richt/Bobo to force balance, stay with what works, and call plays to our strengths and not expose our weaknesses. We don’t have an elite passer, receiving corps, or pass blocking OL…why the hell does anyone want to see 300+ yards passing in a game? Until we’re in this hypothetical whole, like say down by 20 to Tech, then we can wonder if Mason can carry the team or not…which he did 3 times now, and sadly his best receiver (Artie Lynch) and SEC record-setting kicker let us down so he does have two losses to his starting record. That’s why folks want to gamble on the backups, or even throw in the towel on this season?!


  6. It is extremely interesting, and sad, to watch this Mason situation play out. Is he a mental midget? Does he have noodle arm? Is he just a poor QB? Did Bobo and Richt go with Mason for experience only? My guess is both mental and arm issues. Either way, we are watching the human psyche on full display this afternoon. Here’s hoping he throws for 200+ yards, 3 TD’s and 0 INT’s.


  7. With our running game and formations, play action to tight ends or FB has been there all year but we aren’t using them and I don’t know why. The TEs should be Masons best friends right now, especially when those other guys were out. Anyway… beautiful day in the A. I think all will be revealed today. Go Dawgs!