SEC Power Poll, Week 7

The problem this week isn’t ranking a Mississippi school at the top.  It’s which Mississippi school to rank first.  Honestly, at this point, you can make valid arguments for each.  To me, it’s a dead heat.  So I’m going to flip-flop them in the top two spots each week until one of them deserves to drop out.

  1. Mississippi State.  Okay, Bulldogs, okay.   I’m convinced.
  2. Mississippi.  Ole Miss’ defense is so well coached that it’s hard to believe Paul Johnson canned Dave Wommack once upon a time.
  3. Auburn.  If the Tigers hadn’t come out as tight as a tick, that game might have gone differently.  But they did.
  4. Georgia.  Mark Richt gained control.
  5. Alabama.  There were moments during the Arkansas game when Nick Saban looked like he was choking over every nice thing he’d ever said about Lane Kiffin.
  6. Texas A&M.  Second straight week the Aggies couldn’t stay with a team with a good defense.  Maybe they’ll do better this week against Alabama.
  7. LSU.  Never underestimate the power of Les Miles to pull a win out of his ass, my friends.
  8. Arkansas.  The catch to getting your opponent to play down to your level is that you’re still playing down to your level.
  9. Kentucky.  I know.  But the ‘Cats keep winning and sooner or later, you’ve got to respect the process of elimination.
  10. Florida.  So, when does Boom start playing for next year?  Too soon?
  11. Missouri.  Laid a stinker and can’t even blame Todd Gurley for it.
  12. South Carolina.  You lost to Missouri, so don’t even start.
  13. Tennessee.  Looking at the rest of the Vols’ schedule, achieving bowl eligibility isn’t going to be easy.
  14. Vanderbilt.  I can’t think of a more apt way to describe the current state of Vandy’s program than this:  Vanderbilt 21, Charleston Southern 20.


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15 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 7

  1. CannonDawg

    We keep winning, we keep gaining–steady as she goes. When we have a weekend where GA wins and GT, FL, and AU all lose, life is indeed good.

    Congrats to CMR and staff for an exquisite piece of coaching. Who saw such a sixty-minute beatdown coming? Neither I nor Gary Pinkel, though only one of us is pleased.


  2. pete

    The parity in the conference makes it tougher to rank them…but more fun also. I like the change of powers in the west…it keeps things interesting.


  3. Brandon

    Right now, at the mid-point I’d go:

    1. Miss State- Offense/Defense, appear to be the total package.
    2. Ole Miss- Landsharks and more Landsharks, still not sold on Bad Bo not showing up and costing them a game or two.
    3. Auburn- They could beat either of the top two on the right day.
    4. Alabama- As Ric Flair said, to be the man you gotta beat the man.
    5. Texas A&M- I don’t think anybody on the list (except Georgia if Saturday’s defense is really the new normal would do any better facing the Magnolia State powerhouses on back to back weekends.
    6. Georgia- please let this weekend’s defense be the new normal, please.
    7. LSU- clock management does not matter when the officials will call time out for you, but heh, screw Florida anyway you can, I dig it.
    8. Arkansas- Either they are legit good despite their record or A&M and Alabama are pretty average this year, here’s hoping its the latter.
    9. Florida- That Debose guy is terrifying, and they beat Kentucky.
    10. Kentucky- They still haven’t done anything of real consequence, but being 5-1 is an accomplishment that must be considered for Kentucky.
    11. South Carolina- They beat us AND East Carolina, the first I attribute to Spurrier’s pathological stay up all night in the middle of spring gameplanning for Georgia obsession, the second is enough to rank them ahead of Tennessee.
    12. Tennessee- I hate these guys I really do, but they haven’t lost to Indiana at home.
    13. Missouri- They lost to Indiana at home.
    14. Vanderbilt- Unjustified arrogance will get you fired pretty quick, see Charlie Weis, only Mason can’t talk about Tom Brady endlessly and prove that few words ever spoken were more true than “one born every minute”.


    • So far to date, Butchikins and Son of Barbara Dooley are neck and neck for SEC results. Talked to a big UT booster last night, they need to win an SEC game over somebody not located in Nashville. Butch’s seat is warming up whether he knows it or not.


      • Brandon

        It would be great if they fired him, I hope that dumpster fire burns forever. What is left to offer Gruden, prima nocta? I wouldn’t put it past them.


      • Mayor

        Butch Jones is nothing more than a gasbag. Another 5-7 season likely, IMHO. They won’t fire him after this season but next year–hotseat a la SOD.


  4. State gets my nod based on FG kickers. I’ve seen two Ole Miss games this season where their FG kicker was a liability at best. That bites you eventually.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Dave Wommack couldn’t practice against a legitimate passing offense at tech. Facing one for the first time in a game is almost always bad news unless the opposing quarterback is having a very bad day..

    This will be tech’s achillies as long as PJ is there.


  6. Regarding Wommack doing better at Ole Miss than Tech – Insert recycled comment about Jimmies and Joe’s and how they matter and Paul Johnson sucks at getting them.


  7. Marshall

    To be fair – and all snickering aside – that was at least a decent Charleston Southern team by FCS standards. They entered the Vandy game 5-0 and some were thinking they had a legitimate shot to win it. Since we play CS later this season, I made a point to watch about 30 minutes of that game. They are definitely not a bad FCS team. Thought it was actually a pretty big win for a scrappy Vandy team that seems to still be playing hard. With all that said, #14 is the only spot they could take in the power poll, though.


  8. AusDawg85

    Show Kentucky some love! Resume is better than Arky IMHO right now.