You know it’s a down year when…

Sadly, he probably means it.


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16 responses to “You know it’s a down year when…

  1. DC Weez

    Shreveport! Shreveport! It’s wonderful in December!


  2. Wow … that’s the first thing he and I have ever agreed on. I’m thrilled for him, too!


  3. Any bowl is a fun thing for the players and fans. I know he means it! SOS is a genuine old man these days.


    • Bowl games are a blast … many fond memories of seeing the tickets on the tree. Lot’s of good times in the 70’s and 80’s.

      It may not be New Orleans, Dallas, Houston or Florida, but what I wouldn’t give to have the old man back and run him up to Charlotte for this one.

      By the way, I gotta a feeling next year is gonna be a lot of fun. Hopefully we rinse the taste of this year and start all minty fresh for next with a good bowl win.

      Woof, dammit!


      • Bet they will have commercials for Minty Fresh stuff along with Viagra, cars and toilet tissue during the bowl games. Oh yeah … and some kind of new miracle way it loose 20 pounds by spring.


  4. Al

    You can’t spell SHREVEPORT without STEVE.


  5. Will Trane

    Ellis Johnson will be watching the game…with a few thousand more…Jeremy Foley for another.
    Can not wait to see if CMR starts the game with a squib kick. Sure will catch the Cards staff off balance in the pisstube bowl.
    The reunion bowl…Grantham, harvey clemons, shaq wiggins…plus guests nick marshall, todd gurley. Langley, Green [both], Crowell,ty smith, trey matthews, plus any suspended players that happen during the Christmas holidays.


  6. Well I hope no one listened to me leaving the Tech game because I told everyone I’d see them in Shreveport. Lol! At least the players get some nice clothes or something because the last Poulan power tool I owned was a real POS.


  7. ASEF

    Steve Spurrier doing Duck Commander promotional material. Love it.


  8. Cosmic Dawg

    I think Spurrier might have enough old-school propriety in him to actually be gracious to his hosts – am I giving him too much credit?

    And as much as he jabs everybody else, he’s also pretty good about dogging himself and his team when they screw up, so as the Senator may have been suggesting, this may be a “we’re lucky to be going to a bowl this year, period” type comment.



    At least they have Casinos…Charlotte has squat…what a suckass finish for UGA..well done guys…


  10. Debby Balcer

    Miranda Lambert is playing at fan fest I hardly call that nothing.


  11. AusDawg85

    We didn’t go to the same Florida bowls we’ve been going to. We didn’t want to play a Big10 team like we’ve been playing. So we’re not and everyone is bitching. There really isn’t anything anyone even remotely associated with the UGA football program can do that is right anymore, is there?

    Record setting kicker misses…Bobo’s fault.
    Heisman trophy candidate breaks rules and let’s himself be photographed doing it, gets suspended for our SEC stretch run…McGarity’s fault.
    Star Freshman RBs fumble…Richt’s fault.
    A noodle-arm sloth QB cost us a chance to play for the MNC.
    Fans who support this mediocrity and settle for these results are all at fault.

    None of this shit ever happens to any other team and Bama’s gonna win another trophy for the Walmart display case.

    It just ain’t fair.

    Why don’t we offer Saban $100 million?