Raise your hand if…

… on the morning of Sunday, October 5th, you knew that Todd Gurley (94 rushes, 773 yards rushing) would not make the trip to New York for the Heisman ceremony and Nick Chubb (31 carries, 224 yards rushing) would be named first team All-SEC and the SEC Freshman of the Year by the AP.

Yeah, we all saw that coming.  Sure has been a funny season.

Speaking of funny, check out Todd Gurley’s rushing game log.



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17 responses to “Raise your hand if…

  1. cbauga



  2. Rocket Dawg

    Todd ran for over 900 yards in 5 1/2 games. Unreal!


    • Will (The Other One)

      He would’ve topped 1,800 yards if he’d played all 12 games, and likely be close to 1,900. (And a much more solid hold on the 2nd place all-time rushing list.)


    • Noonan

      Gurley did that against 5 power conference teams and one Troy. Incredible.


  3. Billy Mumphrey

    Thanks, Richt!


  4. Instead of laugh, that makes me want to cry 🙂


  5. Reservoir Dawg

    Not funny! Not funny! Sad…


  6. NoAxeToGrind

    I hope Gurley completely recovers from his injury and goes on to have a stellar NFL career,


  7. Mudcats Impala...

    Damn..TGII & A.J. missed so many games in their 3 years in Athens… 😦


  8. 2onoman

    When I saw the picture of Chubb’s vertical leap at the track meet in Jefferson, I knew we had someone special coming in. Bruiser running backs are a delight to watch.


  9. It’s quite simple really. Dawgs win that UF game and stroll into The Dome if Gurley is available, rather than turtling up after the week of speculation and letdown. But again, without TGII in the SECC I would rather see Missouri take the whipping.


  10. Bright Idea

    Just goes to show the uselessness of spending all summer predicting wins, Heisman winners and playoff teams.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    Knowing UGA’s reputation for suspending players and sustaining ACL injuries, I would not have been suprised if someone told me on October 5 that both were going to happen.

    I probably would have just rolled my eyes again.


  12. Speaking of funny…

    (let’s reboot that)

    Speaking of a travesty…

    Speaking of institutional amputation….

    Speaking of The Ghost of AJ Green’s Jersey….

    Speaking of utter shame, stupidity, sadness…

    Speaking of pissing away the greatest back since #34….

    Speaking of the numeric reflection of the exercise in bi-polarity of being a fan of the University of Georgia football team in 2014….


  13. Me. Right here. I called it. I predicted it. Ask any of my friends.


  14. Skeptic Dawg

    The Todd Gurley situation pretty much sums up UGA football since 2006…Loads of unmaterialized talent and potential. #Sad


  15. Nick Chubb (31 carries, 224 yards rushing)

    Something went awry there.


    186 carries for 1281 yards.

    In his 7 starts: 155 carries for 1,057 yards

    Extrapolated to a 12 game season: 265 carries, 1812 yards.

    (possibly more, since Chubb missed Troy, Tenn, and Vandy)