Conferences can troll, too, you know.

Conference USA sticks a finger in UAB’s eye by naming Bill Clark its Coach of the Year.  Which allows for another thoughtful reminder of what should have been:

Clark’s first year at the helm turned out to be his only when UAB President Ray Watts announced the school’s football program would be discontinued just days after the Blazers’ 45-24 regular-season finale victory at Southern Miss.

“Right now, we’re kind of going through the emotional roller coaster of getting bowl-eligible and then you don’t make a bowl,” Clark said. “Obviously, the biggest thing is not having our team back when we had a chance to be really good next year. All that’s really tough. This award is nice to have. It’s just another reminder of this team and all the heart and effort they put into it this past year.”

Well played, folks.


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15 responses to “Conferences can troll, too, you know.

  1. MGW

    Weird wild stuff going on over there in Alabama.

    Can’t wait for the full story to finally surface.


  2. DawgPhan

    looks like UGA just grabbed their leading tackler…which is good for him and us.


  3. Dave

    so what happened exactly (yes, I know they discontinued the program)?


    • DawgPhan

      Bear Bryant Jr. has a tiny penis. To make up for his small manhood he focus his attention on being a vindictive prick towards someone he felt slighted his family in a newspaper article from 40 years ago.

      That meant taking football away from young men who had nothing to do with the perceived slight. Football that has given so much to his family, he used as a weapon to take away something from thousands of other families, and right before the holidays no less.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    I could not possibly give a fat rat’s ass if UAB drops football, but the figures in the Bham papers indicated football was costing like, $30 million a year…out of the UAB general fund.

    Having the university support football rather than t’other way twixt is not a recipe for long-term viability.


  5. Spike

    Tough break for the players, to be sure.