Crème de la crème

Sagarin’s ratings today are pretty amazing to see, with four of his top five spots held down by SEC teams, including one-loss Alabama.


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5 responses to “Crème de la crème

  1. What Fresh Hell is This?

    Mich St at #24?


  2. watcher16

    Surprised OSU’s SOS is rated higher than ours? And Ole Miss’ SOS is pretty low as well


  3. Baddawg

    Anybody got a link to the game on YouTube? I can’t find it.


  4. Macallanlover

    Sagarin’s power ratings, which influences every ranking he provides, including SOS, gets better as the number of interactions increase and overlay one another. I usually don’t have much faith in his numbers early in the season because they pretty much reflect his own biases from the initial inputs….just like the pre-season polls.