Good times on the Flats: remembering Reggie Ball

Now that Georgia Tech’s come back to earth with two straight losses, the denizens of StingTalk can get back to arguing about what’s really important.


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11 responses to “Good times on the Flats: remembering Reggie Ball

  1. Spike

    Too funny. It’s .. It’s….. wait for it .. CHANTASTIC!!..


  2. Dolly Llama

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who lurks on that board. I only do so for the viciously funny “I f***** your mom” comebacks when all other rhetorical avenues have been exhausted.


    • Will (the other one)

      Imagine the fun it’ll be if UNC pulls off an upset this weekend (I hope it happens, but the Heels haven’t been good at all on D under the current HC ever, and and UNC has the same number of wins over Tech in Atlanta this century as Tech has over UGA this century, aka 0.)


  3. Russ

    How dare they pick on a Bulldog legend like that!

    Seriously, it is a little petty to still be ragging on the guy 10 years after he left school. But that’s what tech is good at.


  4. Here’s for those bugs. LOL a million times + same amount of salt to your despair.


  5. JonDawg

    LOL! My favorite post is when one gnat replied to the other (who was defending Ball) with his career stats, a quote from a reliable resource on Ball’s ineffectiveness, and signed it with
    R***** B***


  6. Napoleon BonerFart

    Best post, “It’s just a game, dog.”


  7. Holy crap – there are 7 pages of it.


  8. Coach Bobby Finstock

    I never in my wildest dreams thought I could feel as bad for a Tech player — as I do for Reggie. It makes me wish he was cockier. I know he had some cocky moments, and that he blamed 4th and Reggie on Sanford Stadium home cooking, but he’s so good-natured about the very mishaps that make the maggots hate him. I don’t think he knows what they think of him. He’s like David Brent, no self-awareness. It’s very uncomfortable.


    • Bulldog Joe

      If ESPN ever did a 30 for 30, their fans would know the 4th down throwaway was Patrick Nix and Chan Gailey’s fault.