And in the best Georgia defensive tradition…

Congratulations to Alabama’s Calvin Ridley, whose performance Saturday netted him SEC freshman of the week honors.

Ridley’s stats in the four games before Georgia:  17 catches, 125 yards, 1 TD.  His stats on October 3:  5 catches, 120 yards, 1 TD.



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  1. ugafidelis

    That last word pretty much says it all.


  2. ASEF

    In fairness, he stepped into Foster’s role because of Foster’s injury. And he’s a true freshman, so you would think he’s been growing in his understanding of the offense.

    They hit two or three boundary throws off WR screen looks, and they’ve been setting up that deep ball off the jet-sweep/play action (double play action?) look for awhile.

    They completed 11 passes and gained less than 400 yards total. Pretty good numbers for Georgia, actually?


    • Merk

      Not really, had they not gotten the pick 6 or blocked punt, which would have brought the game to a 2 score game in the 2nd half. Then I am sure they would have been pushing more to score instead of just eating clock. They knew with the conditions, they were more likely to have a turnover trying to push to score, so just run simple stuff get some yards, eat clock, and go home. Also they had no concern we were going to come back, as the D had us locked down, except for 1 big play.


  3. Merk

    Straight Outta Crompton…


  4. PBR1975

    Ok, we got our butts completely handed to us. It was embarrassing and I have had to put up with the butt whipping at work this week from everybody. It is hard to find inspiration in a loss like this, but I did.

    I remember having a “friendly” confrontation (smack talk) with a guy once, that was a rough looking character. He said something in the exchange that has stuck with me since. He asked “do you have all of your original teeth?”. I found this a strange question and asked “why?”. He told me that if I hadn’t been in a rumble where I lost a tooth, broke a bone, had stitches, or some kind of serious pain that he wasn’t worried.

    He wasn’t talking about just having your back against the wall, he was talking about having fought and lost…BAD. That is when you are truly tested as a man. Do you have the testicular fortitude to throw hands the next time or are you just going to sit back down. Alabama had their tooth knocked out by Ole Miss and they are not the type of team to sit the next fight out. When we confronted them on the sidelines with our pearly whites shining they thought….those teeth are mine. BAMMM!!! Teeth Gone!

    Our boys are now at a crossroad for this season, mail it in, or go get those teeth. we shouldn’t be scared of anything. We just took an epic butt whipping and we are going to get up. Time to get in there and throws hands. The ones willing to go again are the ones to be scared of.

    I want this team to take a quote that I heard from my older brother “You may be bigger, tougher, stronger, but I’m mean as Hell”. Smile with that missing tooth showing and say “I didn’t hear no bell”. Bring it on Baby!!!

    Junkyard Up, Go Dawgs


  5. Russ

    The University of Georgia – where opponents go to become stars!


  6. Ben

    Stats like this are why I’m expecting big things from Lambert and Godwin this week as we get ready to play some Willie-ball.


  7. JCDAWG83

    Georgia can always be counted on to give an opposing coach or player that big game they need to feel better about themselves. It’s the Georgia Way.


  8. UGA85

    Pruitt has had one full season at UGA. He has come in and instituted change at nearly every level. He controlled Bama’s running game, and his defensive unit was clearly not the reason we lost the game. Even in just one season, his defense is measurably better than that of his two predecessors. We could dwell on the difficulties of playing defense when your offense and special teams look like high school. We could also spend more time talking about the man who has been at UGA for 15 years now. Either of these would be more appropriate than placing blame on the only unit on the field that showed up Saturday.


    • Russ

      Eh, the run defense showed up. Beyond that, the pass rush and pass defense were Willie-esque. Only thing missing was the arm flapping.

      Offense was a giant turd, that’s true. But we gave up on the run too soon, and beyond Mitchell (and maybe Godwin), passing game was terrible.

      There was plenty of blame to go around Saturday, on both sides of the ball.


  9. sUGAdawg

    He should thank his running backs for setting up playaction. They were productive all day long. Damn, blown coverages with this guy every team. Gotta fix it.


  10. Will Trane

    Do you think Shotty would have used a jet sweep Saturday, or well, in game in the future. Thought he wanted to set the edges. Why does he not ever used a set with Marshall on the wing or motion with Chubb or Michel in the backfield.
    He is so vanilla. Those two former Dawg D coaches are looking forward to this game for redemption.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    What’s the deal brother Bluto? You really got a h#*don for CJP and the defensive backfield after that game. Our DB starters this year are comprised of a junior, 3 sophomores, and a couple true freshmen. We’re not talking about a veteran lineup of blue chip recruits. Our last DB coach was Lakatos. LAKATOS! This is a rebuilding job. Dawg fans gotta get a grip and move on to ut.