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Well, the game this week won’t end the same way the one in 2013 did.

Booch has shown Pig Howard the door for the dreaded violations of unspecified team rules.

Before you ask, Howard’s a senior, so Auburn isn’t in his future.


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Sad Steve Spurrier is sad.

If this season really is the beginning of the end for the OBC, all I can say is, man, what a way to go out.


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Run the damn ball, Schotty.

Nick Chubb for offensive coordinator!

“I know I wanted to run the ball more ‘cause our passing game just wasn’t in rhythm,” said Chubb, who ran for 146 yards to tie Herschel Walker’s streak of 13 consecutive 100-yard game. “It would’ve been great to run the ball because things were actually starting to open up. If we could have threw the ball off running the ball we could’ve had a better passing game.”

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer did not disagree. He said the game plan was to test Bama’s beefy defense on the edges rather than run straight into its four-man front of 300-pound defensive linemen. But Georgia’s backs could never get turned up field as linebacker Reggie Ragland and defensive back Geno Smith racked up tackles on the perimeter.

“We wanted to test the edges,” Schottenheimer said after the Bulldogs practiced Tuesday. “They’re big, strong physical guys. But we probably did it a few times too often, to tell you the truth. A couple of times they ran through from the back side. I think we probably could’ve got to it a little bit earlier. That’s obviously on me. … They did a good job defending it.”

I guess we shouldn’t expect them to make the same mistake twice.  And judging from the stats, that makes complete sense.  Tennessee is eleventh in the conference in rushing defense.  Establishing the run to set up the pass, Georgia’s modus operandi, should be the rule of the day, as the Vols are an even worse thirteenth in passing defense.


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Let’s give them a fair trial, then hang ’em.

I get the angst and overreaction to Saturday.  I really do.  But in response to the deeply analytical suggestions of “Schottenheimer is pathetic!!!” and “why not play Bauta?” many of you have offered, you might want to consider something.

Greyson Lambert’s 2015 game log.

Lambert has started five games at Georgia.  In three of those, he has generated passer ratings of 220.37, 245.48 and 278.64.  The technical term for that level of performance is effing great.

I know that the opposition in those three games was anything but stellar.  But if it’s so easy to pull that off against crappy defenses and Lambert is hopeless, then we should expect his predecessors to have done better.  To the stat cave, Batman!

Gosh, maybe clearing 200 isn’t as easy as we thought.  And remember, Lambert’s done what he’s done in only five total starts, after showing up less than two months before the beginning of the season.  (Also remember that Lambert’s best showing as Virginia’s starter was a 165.79 he posted against Richmond.)

Yes, he wilted under the bright lights Saturday.  True, it wasn’t Schottenheimer’s finest hour.  However, it’s amazing to see so many people write both of them off after one poor day.  Bobo and Murray – note that 2012 performance there, peeps – got years to build resumes much of the fan base came to dislike.

I don’t know if resurrection is in the future of either, but it’s a little early to bring out the tar and feathers.


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Genius at work

Arkansas held Josh Dobbs to seven yards rushing on seven carries.  Want to know how?

“Some of the things was Arkansas with their different (looks), being safety-activated, the way they were, the way they played their linebackers,” Jones said. “We did have some designed runs called for him, and then a lot of them were run-pass options, like we do every week. But there were some different nuances in the game plan.

“A lot of it dictates it on the looks that (Dobbs) sees, whether it’s front, whether it’s coverage, whether it’s alignment of the linebackers.”

“Safety-activated”?  I have no idea what that gobbledygook is supposed to mean.  Hopefully, Pruitt is studying the game tape to decipher it.


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And in the best Georgia defensive tradition…

Congratulations to Alabama’s Calvin Ridley, whose performance Saturday netted him SEC freshman of the week honors.

Ridley’s stats in the four games before Georgia:  17 catches, 125 yards, 1 TD.  His stats on October 3:  5 catches, 120 yards, 1 TD.



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“You have to let the bad make you better, any way possible.”

Boy, is this familiar territory.

Having been beaten soundly by Alabama 38-10 on Saturday, Georgia knows the margin of error is awfully thin. Another loss sets it back in the race for the SEC East, especially considering Florida is still unbeaten with four more conference games on the schedule remaining.

Therefore, this week’s game against Tennessee is much more important all of a sudden.

“That’s something we’ve talked about; that’s true,” sophomore running back Sony Michel said. “We really have no room for another loss. We’re not looking for another loss. I don’t think we’ll have another loss this season.”

The only difference this time is it’s not the usual South Carolina loss the team is having to work around.


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What does it feel like to kill a man, Booch?

It really doesn’t matter if this story is true.  In the best Lyndon Johnson fashion, the value is in the distraction it provides.


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