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Feel bad about the win?

Think how you’d feel right now if Georgia had lost.


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About that whole excitement thing…

It’s probably best to say I approach today’s game with more intellectual curiosity than bubbling excitement.  And personnel changes?  Is Schottenheimer capable of figuring out a game plan that plays to his quarterback’s strengths?  Will Pruitt dial up a more aggressive approach to rushing the passer?

There’s something else I’m curious about, though.  Us.  What kind of crowd will show up today?  How supportive will it be? What happens if the team looks sloppy or worse again tonight?

It’s sad to have those kinds of questions for a team that still has a legit shot at doing something this season, but that doesn’t mean it’s unrealistic to have ’em.

Oh, well.  I head out the door shortly and will report back on what I sense tonight. Enjoy your day.



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There aren’t enough exclamation points out there to make this game day post exciting.

Hey, everybody!  It’s Homecoming!!  Georgia’s playing Missouri!!!

How’d I do?

That’s about what I thought.

The Tigers aren’t a bad match up for Georgia.  They own the SEC’s worst offense, only managing 24 points against that horrible South Carolina defense that Georgia managed to blow up.  Even better, the one skill Maty Mauk possesses that scares you, his ability to run, is absent from his replacement.

Yes, as bad as Mizzou’s been on offense, it’s been good on defense.  But even there, you can find something of a silver lining for Lambert and Schottenheimer.

… It is a textbook third and medium conversion through the air — something UGA hasn’t done once (convert a third and medium through the air) this season.

Still, Mizzou isn’t going to lose any sleep over this play. This is what the Tigers do defensively. They love to keep the ball in front down after down and, at some point, one of those great players in the front seven is going to make a play or one of those stunts is going to produce a negative play for the offense.

If Lambert’s receivers are looking at a day when they won’t face press coverage and the short, quick slants that worked so well against South Carolina are back in play, that’s good news.  Sure, the Mizzou secondary will likely do a better job cleaning up, but if the ball is moving on those plays and Georgia can mix in the occasional big play from Michel, that’s a recipe for some success.

Big keys today would seem to be, then, the offensive line taking charge against a defense that doesn’t like to load the box and turnovers.

Barring a meltdown on the turnover front, it’s a game the Dawgs should win.  The spread is 14.5, which seems wildly optimistic (who is betting on Georgia at that number?).  The over-under is 46, which would equate to a final score in the neighborhood of 30-16.  Take a touchdown off Georgia’s number and that doesn’t seem too far off.


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